Wacky Search Terms

I thought it was rather amusing to see what kind of search terms that people use in search engines that end up on my site. Sometimes I am surprised, other times I am appalled. Like the number of times I see the word “upskirt” or “downblouse” leading to my site simply because I once did a post where I talked about it in a professional manner, probably to chastise it or something.

So here are a list of search terms that I thought is interesting to share, and some of my views if I have any on them; mostly to help subsequent people who come this way.

1. I never meet her at the bus stop

Like huh. Why would that ever come to my blog?

2. ia ntu interviewing non interviewing

From what I have heard from my NTU friends, it is a mix of interviewing and non interviewing, depending on the company involved; this is true, at least for Engineering.

3. national service enlistment for girls in singapore

It is not a requirement for girls to enlist into national service in Singapore. However, girls can choose to sign up as regular soldiers.

4. qualifying english test answers

Whatever made you think that there were such things? Who is that pro enough to remember the passages and composition questions?

5. which terminal at changi will sq222 arrive at?

Come on please check Changi Airport’s website instead. It’s free and it is more accurate. No blog is that boliao to keep updating flight timings when there is a website for that already!

6. estimated psle difficulty level 2011


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