2D1N Soju Bang

The NJ gang decided to meet up at least once before Zong Yao flies off to the US of A to begin his work at Microsoft. It would be at least a year before we would all meet up again since air tickets are not exactly cheap, plus when you start working, you can’t be taking leaves all the time for long flights back, not to mention one would probably plan quick holiday trips? My colleagues have already gone on getaways one after the other, going to places like Hong Kong, Hong Kong (cause there’s two of them) and soon Hong Kong (cause there’s a third) or Taiwan and Korea.

Since two among the five have been to this Korean BBQ place called 2 Day 1 Night Soju Bang that is along Tanjong Pagar Road. Take the MRT to Tanjong Pagar MRT station and follow the map shown above. It is a short 10 min stroll and there is a queue when we arrived. You can leave a name (no prior reservations) when you arrive at the location, so do get someone to go some time earlier. You will only be allowed in after a prior number of guests of your group have arrived. In our case, 4 out of 5 of us were there so they allowed us to enter.

On first glance, it is like a normal shop house setting. The furnishings are old and simple. It is like an olden shop house. There is a flat screen TV playing Korean Music Videos and the songs played over the speakers are totally out of sync. It is as if the TV is muted and they are playing tracks on a separate system. The walls are plastered with the posters of my Korean Artistes, even those endorsing a particular brand of soju.

Soju Bang is a place with a lot of meat. I just ate meat all the time. Beef, pork and chicken. You have a metal plate lined with aluminium foil where you can cook the meat. The plate is slightly tilted with an opening at the end to allow the oil from the meat to flow into a metal container where it will collect. The wait staff changed the aluminium foil quite frequently at the beginning; at the later stages, the aluminium foil got a little black before they changed; this is probably because the other tables need cleaning up to receive new customers and hence they don’t have enough manpower to keep changing the foils.

There’s no photos cause it is just all meat and I don’t have a camera phone. At the end of it all I took the long mushroom thingie (Jing Zhen Gu) and put some marinated beef over it. As the beef cooks, the sauce leaks out onto the mushrooms, cooking it nice and flavourful. It’s the best way to eat the mushrooms imo.

The damage amounted to $22 per person, which is quite cheap considering that it is a buffet and you can take as much meat as you like. The ambience isn’t exactly great as the floors are oily, the tables are oily, your face gets oily. Whatever you have exposed is oily. Your shirt gets smoked and there’s a lingering smell with the oily and dirty feeling you get as you make your way home. But the food is good, just that if you are not a meat lover then this is probably not the place for you. And oh yeah, I did put on weight! Yay.

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