Hide Yamamoto + Skypark

Joyce and I went to Marina Bay Sands on the 11th September 2011 because it was a rather special day for the both of us, and I wanted to go to the Skygarden for the first time. I selected an expensive restaurant just to commemorate the occasion, and at the same time try out the kind of food they serve at such places since we won’t be going to such restaurants often.

The restaurant we chose to go to, or rather, I chose to bring her is Hide Yamamoto, which is a celebrity chef dealing with Japanese Cuisine. It is indeed an expensive place when one piece of fatty tuna sushi costs $20.00, hence we didn’t order that. Here are the things we did order:

The Califonia Roll King Crab, Avocado came in six pieces and tasted really delicious. The avocado was a good mix with the king crab and we even finished the ginger slices that accompanied the dish. The cost was 20 dollars.

Next, the Assorted Squid Hotate Oyster Mushroom (It’s not featured in their pdf menu so I cannot remember the exact name) was served. The hotate (scallops) is very nice as the sauce is delicious. The oyster mushroom was great too. This dish costs $25.

Subsequently, the “Grilled KUROBUTA Jowl and Romain Lettuce
Champagne Vinegar MISO Dressing” was brought to our table, and it tasted great as well. The dressing for the food made it great and covered the raw lettuce taste. As a result, I actually ate some of that lettuce. This dish costs $30.

When we saw how little food arrived after the previous dish, we called for an additional “Cha-Shu Soy Ramen” with an additional “Flavoured Egg” so that we wouldn’t be too hungry. The broth tasted clear. It was a good bowl of ramen, but the both of us still felt more satisfied with the Nantsuttei one. This dish costs $26.

Overall, we left feeling not hungry but not full either. The food didn’t taste exceedingly delicious for the price, but the ambiance was great. It is a nice way to celebrate the occasion though.

When we left, however, there was this old man with balding hair sitting opposite this young china woman. And then we wonder, is it true love or some mistress? We’ll never know, I suppose, but if they are willing parties, who are we to comment.

We then went up the Skypark, which offered a breathtaking view of the surroundings. In my opinion, the Singapore Flyer just pales in comparison, both in terms of height and in terms of range. In your little capsule on the Singapore Flyer, you cannot see far given your limited height. Since the skygarden is on top of a tall building, one can see the surroundings better.

At the top I gave Joyce a handmade card and a nice box of chocolates. She eventually shared half of the chocolates with me just so that I can try the chocolates. 🙂

Nice date completed! 😀

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