Updates: ippt and safsa badminton championship

Just a brief update so that this blog doesn’t seem so dead. Lol. It’s been some time since I did an updates post here on my blog. 🙂

I had my ippt yesterday, my 2nd attempt in two weeks cause the first was cancelled due to the wet ground after the rain. Technically it didn’t count as an attempt.

I was quite worried and nervous since I hadn’t done well for ippt and I was worried that I would not pass. The static stations were scary. What if I couldn’t pull up? Or I got a cramp for sit ups. What if my broad jump sucked. Or that my shuttle run skidded? I wasn’t that worried for 2.4 because I did train for it.
Ended up I got a 225cm (3points) for my first attempt in sbj using a new technique. My shuttle run was 10.2s(4points) due to a short skid at the part where you pick up the blocks. At my chin up station I did 10 pull ups (4 points) and for my situps, I did 40 (5 points) with 18s left. So I had 16 points when I needed 15 to pass. 18 for silver.

I ran a timing of 11.22mins (3 points) for my 2.4km run and it brought my total to 19 points. I got a silver grading! There’s a 100 dollars award but those who took ippt in august hadn’t gotten their money yet. 😦

As for today, I had an hours of additional sleep since I was going to watch the SAFSA badminton match as a supporter for the RSAF in Kranji camp. We were vying for the championship.

The match was exciting as we lost the intial two sets. We won our mixed doubles and lost one set in the mens doubles. If we had lost one more set we would be 2nd. Luckily we won the 2nd set and it proceeded to the 3rd set where we cheered like mad and finally won. At that time we were tired with two matches each. It went down to the final set mens singles and we won effortlessly.

Hence by a stroke of luck we won! It was quite an exciting moment as a fresh member of the RSAF. Somehow I thought it was a great way to bond with people within the individual services and formations.

Yep that’s it. Hope it’s been a pleasant read!

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