The excitement to BBQ

And so the AFEs decided to have a chalet one day, which was rather last minute since we were doing the planning only a week in advance; most of the chalets were fully booked and only the one at Downtown East was left. Since the main attraction was to have a nice bbq, it was decided that we would only have a bbq session and that it would be held in my condo, if there was a bbq pit available.

Everything was done rather last-minute-ly, with the bbq pit being booked on a Tuesday, pit paid for on the Wednesday, food being ordered on Wednesday and the event being held on Saturday itself. We had to confirm the number of people, decide how much food to order, and settle any tiny details. Which was great since we had a really wonderful team of people who are able to take lots of initiative. Kudos to the west side people I guess?

And then on Saturday, a couple of us west side people came earlier to Jurong Point to buy some drinks, mushrooms, bacon, satay sticks (which was never used, wtf) and ice packets. Then we moved everything to the bbq pit at my house while waiting for the rest to come.

Joyce also came to my house, and at the same time, visited my parents for the first time, as well as see my sis through Skype. It was a pleasant meeting and she helped me wash the mushrooms and lettuce and wrap the bacon across the mushrooms.

The event went well somehow, and there were so many people that I didn’t need to bbq at all, and food just came to me. Those who had girlfriends brought their girlfriends, and the girlfriends all sat together to talk like a wives club. Every boyfriend seemed to be bringing food for them and showing how nice they are.

In the middle, Joyce showed me this from her Facebook and said that I fulfilled most of the following.


Kind of nice. 🙂

The event went well until a sudden downpour killed the fire at the bbq pit. Thankfully all we had left was some stingray packets, and most of the food were already eaten. It is the first successful event where we all came and bonded together along with our girlfriends, and the start of many wonderful events with my bunch of AFE colleagues. 🙂

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