Search Terms Updates

It’s time for another round of search terms review. I have taken the search terms used to reach my blog in the past 1 month and here are the few “more interesting” items listed:

1) change name bakerzin to bakerzin

What is that seriously? Is there even a name change?

2) chinese drama whole story

What kind of drama is that guy even looking for?

3) ee4302 joke

Hahahah I didn’t know there’s a joke about a module which you can find online

4) fyp ca1

Seems like many juniors are getting stressed. Indeed it is that time where the first CA report is due to be submitted and presented.

5) ignorantsoul london weight management

I should start to sell ignorantsoup for the ignorantsoul.

6) is whatsapp included in singtel bis plan.

If this question is asking if using whatsapp is included in the bis, the answer is no. Singtel bis, if I remember correctly, is only for Blackberry apps pre-installed on your device.

7) nus degree is bull shit

Go to hell sir. It might not be a top degree like Imperial College or Cambridge but it’s definitely not bullshit.

8) taiwan pron videos

Haha. Oh please this is not a pron website. Why would such a search term come here anyway!

9) Where to buy c-peel t166

Hi, if you would like to buy c-peel t166 from me, I have a second hand set which I used for a month as a transition phone before I switched to my blackberry. Do leave a comment here and I will get back to you.

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