That’s the uniform I would be wearing to OCS tomorrow. And I think it’s a little bad to post this after so long of no updates, only to say that I won’t be updating for the next 3 weeks because I will be in confinement.

Yes there’s Deepavali celebration going on, and I would be out for a day, but there’s so much other things to do that it doesn’t seem right to blog. I would be too tired to blog anyway.

It will be two weeks of Common Leadership Module where I would be down with the Army and Navy people, as well as the 19 year old kids going to OCS at the same time as me. There will be turn outs, the dreaded 5m confidence jump into the pool, and other exciting events, before I move on to the Air Wing in my final week of confinement.

It’s all back to school and mindless enduring of physical training, stuff that makes you stupider, the joke that NSmen make.

I will only graduate and commission next year, and this is the rank that I would be wearing once I graduate. Hopefully it will not be in the green pixelated uniform! 😛

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