Life now

I would guess regular readers have dwindled down to but a few. I have not been updating as much because of the nature of my current job, and hence there is nothing to read here. In addition, there are many things that I cannot blog about or write simply because of the image I have to uphold for my employer.

It does not take a genius to find out that generally people expect more from civil servants simply because their salaries are paid from taxpayers, and every citizen is a taxpayer. Hence there are a lot of things that people expect to be done their way and that their way is right. In reality there’s always a thousand way to do something, and misunderstandings always occur when people think that they have this level of hierarchy over other people.

I’m considering if I should stop blogging, and whether I would have the energy to continue blogging, especially since how I would continue to stay in subsequently and then I won’t get to use the internet much too.

Just a quick update, I’ve progressed on from OCS to AFTC in Paya Lebar, and thankfully I have a friend who is able to drive the few of us west-siders to Paya Lebar every morning, helping us to save some bit of time which translates into more sleeping time as well. Life there is lectures and more lectures every single day, and examinations upon examinations. But it is not as physically demanding as in OCS, so much so that I guess we have become a little weaker, and people are getting sick day by day. I guess getting stuck in the classroom for long hours isn’t exactly great for human’s health and wellbeing?

I’ve started on my New Year shopping, with two new shirts bought yesterday with Joycie. Life has been great with her, and she complements me in the areas that I’m not so good at. She helps me select shirts that are nice and then gives me her opinion on each individual shirt so that we could decide together which looks better and which doesn’t. Particularly, we focus on shirts that make me look older rather than younger, and this would mean that the type of shirts would now move towards a particular direction?

We also took the opportunity to exhaust the Taka vouchers provided by Citibank. I got a Cologne set for $97, and I paid only $7 for it. It comes with this free bag that’s not exactly something that would intice me to buy. We bought the fragrance because we both liked it best after comparing it with the rest of the brands.

Joycie also gave me a Braun Buffel Wallet which we selected together. After deducting some amount from the vouchers, it is still quite an expensive gift for a student to pay. I’m really happy with my new wallet and I have already started using it. I hope this wallet won’t spoil easily so I can use it for many years.

Somehow the shopping spree helped to raise a bit of morale. 🙂

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