It’s been long

I guess it had been a long time since I posted on my blog. In fact the last post is on the 1st of January this year, and it is now 2 months and 9 days since. As usual, the beginning of a new job typically takes away much energy and passion for detailing down my own life, and it didn’t help much that I had a long period of staying in lasting about 15 weeks in total. In addition, there wasn’t really anything much that I could talk about work since it is probably classified. Furthermore discretion had to be exercised simply because anything that one says or do has an impact on the organization you work for.

I guess it is a little hard to manage everyone’s expectations of how someone doing government related work should be like. There were many events in which I had an opinion for or could blog about; however I thought it would not be wise to post them up, especially if many vocal others would take offence. It would be disastrous if anyone took my career and opinion, mash them together to sensationalize the story. It was a trying period as I had indeed reduced, drastically, the amount of content I post on the internet ever since I graduated. Sometimes I had written a short paragraph of comments on my friend’s Facebook statuses, only to delete them to avoid unnecessary trouble. What’s the point of saying your piece of mind when it might not be appreciated, or might even be taken the wrong way?

It had also been ages since I had any time to read a book. In the previous few months, precious time was spent trying to study for the various examinations that the RSAF has levied upon me. Indeed, I had gained a fair share of precious knowledge about our defense systems, and I feel that we have indeed come a long way since independence. Back to the point about time, I have finally gotten down to read the book on Facebook that I bought many months back. I am now halfway through the book, but it spurred my emotions as I remembered the time I sat down to learn programming so I could program NextTutor. At the moment I am wondering if perhaps, I should reinstate it as a hobby? The founder of Facebook started Facebook as a project for fun, and it does seem in line with whatever I was thinking at that time I created NextTutor. It wasn’t for the money but rather a social project. At that time, I challenged the thought that people needed to pay money to find tutors. Couldn’t they do so for free?

Somehow, I quite like the feeling of creating something that others would use. Something that would help in life. I used to want to learn how to program for the iPhone or Android devices, and it would be a good time to experiment? But of course, I would have to give it some thought first. I would have to come up with an interesting concept or idea that is novel and exciting. Else, where’s the fun in creating something new? 🙂

Perhaps one day, I would fulfill that small dream of starting something useful.

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