Allocating blame

We blame others for our misfortune. We blame others for our failures in life. We blame luck when we make poor decisions. Allocating the blame to other things is always the easiest way out for ourselves. After all, when someone else is at fault, it’s out of our control isn’t it? There’s nothing we can do?

I think I’m rather fortunate to be in the position that I am today. Luck does play a small role in enabling the chances that I was awarded. Yes there are certain times where I could have done better, but still, it has been great.

But the difference is that I have chosen to accept responsibility for myself. If I fail, it’s because I didn’t study hard myself. Or I didn’t do my due diligence. I didn’t ask other successful people their method of achieving success. I didn’t read widely enough.

There are things we all can do to improve our lives and constantly upgrade to value add ourselves. Soft skills such as giving presentations, dealing with difficult people in our workplace or office communication. Other skills like improving our current trade, or even how to invest in stocks. We can read the news more widely or choose to read more books. There’s always something we can do.

Like I have always said, it’s about how hungry you are for something. If there is something you really want, you will go all out to do it, and sacrificing some of the other less important parts of our lifestyle. Like spending 1 hour looking at 9Gag. Like spending 1 hour on the train staring at the air. Life is a matter of balance and priorities. At the same time, we should not lull ourselves into a comfortable zone where we get used to being unproductive. Once we get used to reading and learning, it will always be easier to continue this lifestyle.

Perhaps we all need to start moving in the right direction.

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