Reaching the end of course

Once in a while I decide to write something in this blog which is rather empty and lonely. I do not know what I am going to do with this blog, and I would probably let it run for some time more just to see what I would do. Either that or I should keep it as it is for the purposes of journaling and growing up.

At the moment the course is reaching the end soon, and I would have to face the real realities of working.

I don’t really know why I’m writing this for, it just seems like the right thing to do.

I realized that this year I wasn’t bothered about when my birthday is arriving, though the past few years were spent quite sian that my birthday is arriving. Perhaps that signifies a huge change of priorities?

At work people are also talking more about stocks and investments, a huge change from the school environment where we are only talking about our projects and examinations. Life now is more adult where you got to take more responsibilities for yourself. Suddenly we are expected to know how to budget and plan for the future etc. Perhaps all along there should have been a nice short course on financial management in schools or universities. It would have been a nice GEM to take or UE.

Then there’s the usage of credit cards, trying ways and means to restructure it so that we can get the maximum rebate possible through the use of different credit cards. Like the Citi Dividend Card for petrol. UOB One Card for rebates and cash back. Standard Chartered Manhatten Card for random cashback. Or perhaps the usage of OCBC credit cards to split annual premiums into monthly ones so that it is easier to pay.

Ah well, we are all starting to grow into adult life and finding the best way to get all the perks.

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