My 26th Birthday

I am supposed to be sleeping already since I have to wake up in another 6 hours or so. But I am having some trouble sleeping because I am worried about some events happening around work. Currently I am on course at Nanyang Polytechnic, so there are many things that I cannot personally see to, yet after delegating the work, it does not seem to be done to my expectations. Not everyone would be responsible enough to churn quality work on time. Delays keep happening, and somehow I feel paiseh if the work turns out substandard and it gets directly sent to the boss simply because I am not around.

Today marks the day I turn 26. From right smack in the mid of twenties to a little closer to thirties. One year since graduation. One year of work. Many things have changed since then, and the concept of having a birthday has similarly changed. In the past there was more emphasis on mundane issues like the number of people who would wish me “Happy Birthday” but this time it just didn’t matter anymore. I guessed priorities have changed since? Coupled with the increasing demands of work, there isn’t much mood to celebrate such a day. My birthday has become just any other day.

I’m here, just trying to distract myself or make myself more tired so that I could fall asleep later on. It’s funny that I’m not too bothered about my birthday. I guess when you already have had a wonderful celebration a few days prior, you would have considered it a done deal already.

I’ve received a nice pair of K&L Sunglasses from my parents for my birthday present. My Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 Tablet is my present from my girlfriend. I think I have had the best presents already. It is a surprise as I usually do not receive much presents and they are usually not this expensive too.

I think I should blog more often. Find something interesting to write. I suddenly had the urge to redesign the blog, but upon closer look, hey it’s great already isn’t it. Besides I just redesigned it last year. Ah well, shall see how. Haha.

Happy birthday to me.

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