Long awaited (if it is even) updates

I think it will be a little amusing to have the first person who reads this comment below as a guage to see if anyone still reads this blog here after it has been left alone for so long.

It had been months since I bothered to type anything in this little corner. I am currently waiting for my car to be serviced and am sitting in a cafe having a nice beverage and waiting. I had the enthusiasm to blog as it is a quiet, relaxing corner, and the topic of my blog came to mind as recently we held a mini web design competition at work. Nothing too fancy but one of my NSFs had an artistic streak in him which saw him learning how to code in 2 days. The final product was nice and simple, though more could be improved. But it had reminded me of my blog which I left here for a long long time. I haven’t been designing at all for a year and to be honest all the former projects that I had formerly thought off were now once again left to die. How would anyone expect that I had once had a moderately successful tuition website that earned me some ad revenue as pocket money?

I have since setled into my new role at work, a job which presents significant challenges in my learning curve, but still managable. It gave me great satisfaction the other day when one of my guys was awarded the Best Serviceman of July and my writeup of him (presented during the nomination) was praised to be well written.

I am quite pleased with my job as it gives me the opportunity to groom and train people. I try my best everyday to share ideas and get my guys to think from another point of view. Or to actually share the direction the management team is going into to get them to appreciate the situation. I think it gives me much satisfaction.

But on a personal basis, I feel that I should be much better than my current state. There are things I should have done beforehand and not wait till the last minute. It is a challenge and I hope that I will be up to it.

But on matters outside of work, I should really start to get my finance management up and running properly. Time, however, is a tricky thing to manage. Should I begin to study for my exam next year which would give me an increment, or focus on non work activities? I am also trying to read a book a month, although that is not working well. I had just bought an e-book called the 5th discipline (I think), and I have only read like 3% of it. Perhaps I should read more and blog about the various values I have learnt, as a method to internalise the lessons and learn them properly.

I should also stick to my short term goals. On my blog I had listed earning my first dividend in 2012, which will not materialise as I had not bought any stocks. I had also wanted to learn how to program an android app, which I hadn’t. I am procrastinating a little too much and should manage time properly.

Perhaps it is time to restore some sense of discipline and nomalcy in my daily life.

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