My rusty skills

After trying to tweak my existing blog design for 15 minutes, I gave up temporarily because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the way I coded it. I couldn’t remember how I coded it originally; perhaps that is why problems arise. Nonetheless it merely highlights the fact that when you have not been practising your skills, they become rusty and hard to pick up again.

I have had some grand changes in my mind for this blog. There’s this enthusiasm to transform it to something else totally instead of just a place where I write about the stuff that goes on in my life; nobody really reads them anyway other than a couple of close friends. Although I must say it is amusing to read old posts and realize how childish you were last time; it has never failed to amaze me despite being at this age, I still find stuff I do a few years ago embarrassing.

But life is about improving yourself as you go along, and with that the days of writing about myself should be gone as well. The future is about changing and evolving oneself, and I thought that would be a notable goal. I gain great satisfaction in guiding people and nurturing them to improve and emerge better persons, and what else would be better if I converted the entire site to talk about the things and passions that matter in my life?

The entire redesign and re-work will be done in a few phases, but before I even try to write about what they are, perhaps I shall say that I would leave the old posts as it is. It shall signify the person I once was and keep me firmly grounded; to realize that I am after all still very much human with a humble past. Now back to the rework.

There would be a few main recurring themes relating to guiding and sharing of experiences and even updates on the things I have learnt and read about. The recurring themes are:

1. Coping with studying. I will probably write about my experiences and the tips that I have. Hopefully it would impact someone enough to adopt the practices and then gain something out of it. But I think the main key lesson that I would like to repeatedly share is that we all have control over our decisions in life, such that if we really want something hard enough, we should really go out and work for it, and that’s the kind of attitude we should adopt for our lives.

2. A Guide for Fresh Graduates. I have been working for almost a year now, and there are many things that a fresh graduate will not know. Things like how much to save and allocate; how much money to dedicate to insurance; should you buy insurance when you graduate? Through the sharing of experiences, newly minted graduates will be able to learn from other people and not make the same mistakes.

3. Random lessons on life. Sometimes there are some episodes in life worth thinking about and learning from. I thought one section dedicated to the various interesting lessons from me or from the internet should be good to have.

4. Lessons from books. I wanted to do this “1 book a month” thing in my life, but I am not sure how dedicated I can be. If I succeed, I would then write about the various lessons that I have learnt from books. I wanted to do something at my workplace but I haven’t thought of how to do it. I wanted to share some ideas from the different books I read; possibly things like Habits of Effective People, or Stopping Procrastination and even Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace). Things to value add the community and develop people.

At the same time, links to interesting sites would be shared as long as it can fulfill the goal of value adding, nurturing and guiding people to become better than they currently are.

Given the sensitive nature of my job that makes it hard to blog about my work life, I thought this could be a good way to keep the blog running while not running the risk of talking about my life at work.

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