Early morning radio fix @ 93.8FM

It has been about two months since I started driving to work, and my current “to-hear” radio station that accompanies me on my morning journey is 93.8FM. I started listening because I wanted to be more productive for that 40 minutes duration, and I recalled this story told to me a long time ago during my insurance “internship”.

The boss was telling us about the things his star performer did in order to increase his sales and groom his team. Whenever the boss introduced a good CD (audio book) to him, he would listen to it while driving home. If he reaches his home before the CD finishes, he would continue to listen inside his car until it completed. After that, he would internalise the lessons learnt and he would be there in office the next morning giving a brief to his subordinates.

While I am not going to that extreme of sitting inside my car while 93.8FM finishes their discussion, I thought it would be nice to listen a little every day. After a while I realize most of the news stories repeats itself, so the 40 minutes would probably be just right; any longer and I will be hearing repeat news.

However the main crux of the entire broadcast was not about the news; rather it is the special stories that life coaches tell, or the “A Slice of Life” program that they broadcast sometimes in the morning.

Today I listened to this program where the speaker was telling us this story. A grandpa told his grandson, “A long long time ago, there was a good wolf and a bad wolf who fought endlessly. They fought many battles across the centuries.” So the grandson then asked, “Who won eventually?”. To which the grandpa replied, “The one you feed”.

It is a short story, but the main point is that whether you feel happy or unhappy about your life depends greatly on which wolf you are feeding daily; and I think that is very true. The speaker continued to talk about how people keep feeling negative about the things that happen in their lives and how all these negativity will consume them. They will continue to blame their surroundings; not realising that they have a choice in many matters.

On the other hand, successful people are the way they are because they radiate confidence and positivity. They take ownership of their problems but they never do give up. They continue to be positive about their surroundings and as one success comes, their confidence increases. Subsequently, they go on an upward momentum of success.

This is what I feel is happening to our country. We are involved in this large spiral of negativity from the news we read online; which honestly might not be good opinions though they are uncensored and critical. If we continue to go into the negativity, we feel comfortable complaining with the people around us as we feel that we are normal. Sooner or later it becomes a good bonding session to be negative about the country. However it is unrepresentative of our country, and rather unproductive too.

So, which wolf would win? It all depends on which wolf you feed.

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