Explaining Oneself

I read an article in The Sunday Times today where the writer wrote about her quest to get a scholarship from SPH. The interviewers asked her if she read The Straits Times daily, and she said “No”. She didn’t get the scholarship; neither did the interviewers asked her why.

The reason why she did not read The Straits Times daily is because her family is too poor to purchase two newspapers daily. Her father purchases the Chinese newspaper and hence by default, would’t have money for The Straits Times. However, she saved her money to buy The Sunday Times every week to read.

The lesson here is that sometimes people in your life are not interested to find out why you did or did not do something. However, if we do not give them the explanation, we might lose some valuable opportunities. I say might because there is no way we know for sure that she would have obtained the scholarship had she said “yes” or explained herself, but it would have ensured that there is no misunderstanding of pre-judgement on the part of the interviewers. Sometimes we have to fight for our chances, and we have to explain ourselves to the best of our ability, without irritating the said person, of course.

Anyway the writer mentioned how ironic it is that she ended up as an SPH journalist anyway. It reminded me of how I once said that I did not like the SAF in a DSTA scholarship interview, however I ended up in SAF anyway. Sometimes we grow up and realize how minute and narrow our viewpoint is, and then we realize that we have been rather childish to pre-judge an organisation.

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