Leadership on 93.8 FM

It had been some time since I listened to 93.8FM in the mornings when I drive to work, primarily because I have not been going back to the same office for a few weeks. The journey to the different site forces me to leave earlier, and I will not be able to enjoy the same segments that I like in my daily drive to work.

There was a segment talking about the principles of leadership. The speaker used the term the 3 Ls to talk about them.

The first L is listen. As leaders we listen to our followers. We listen intently, and we genuinely care for the wellbeing.

The next L is learn through listening. I am sure there is no requirement to explain this, but here goes: we learn many things talking to our subordinates and listening to them speak. Personally I grew to learn about them as a person, their character, likes, dislikes and I can then formulate a plan to engage and groom him.

The last L is love. Love our subordinates. Be real to them. Care for them like you care for yourself. I’m sure they will be able to feel it too.

The 3 Ls are just general guidelines for leadership and are by no means exhaustive. There are leadership models that are more in depth in the SAF, and everyday I am learning something along the way. Do take some time to think about what kind of leader you are, and how best to suit the team dynamics you are in.

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