Body Language determines your Success

There are many aspects towards achieving success in our daily lives. In terms of academic success and even beyond graduation, I feel that it is important to be able to portray the right image of yourself to other people. The speaker of this video talks about how people’s perception of you can be affected by the very body language that you portray, also known as non-verbals in this video.

The first point the speaker makes is that our body language shows us how we feel. Sometimes when we feel powerless, we make ourselves small and it shows. The other direction works too, when we speak to people whom we feel are inferior to us, we make ourselves look big.

But the main point that I want to bring out of this entire video is this: That through changing our non-verbals, we can change our mind. I did not learn this through the video; the video made me realise what happened during the many stressful sessions I had in university.

If you had seen the video, you would like realized that she talks about power posing, maybe in the toilet, so that you feel confident. What I had done is essentially the same theory, just that I didn’t do power posing, but I conditioned the mind through many ways. I do these right before I had to make presentations on my projects. I do these right before any test or exam. It must have been something right since I felt as if I was more effective than I was during my JC days.

The essence is this: I made myself feel more confident. I like to listen to my favourite music right before stressful presentations. I have a few songs from the various dramas that I watched previously and they give me a sense of confidence from the successful characters within the story. Listening to those high tempo music reminded me of what those characters portray: the confidence that they all had when dealing with tough situations, and subconsciously I felt more relaxed and confident. Indirectly, music seemed to transform me into those confident characters, and I have been delivering good presentations ever since.

Other than listening to music, I made myself more confident by appearing confident. This might sound like some warped logic, but it is not. This is similar to power posing, but I did not do those exaggerated actions where one puts his or her hands up in a V shape. What I did was to sit down in a confident manner, and look at everyone as though there is nothing to fear. This is something I did before any test or examination. When people are busy doing last minute cramming, I would be joking with friends, having fun, feeling confident. Perhaps another part of me enjoyed making other people feel more nervous, and this indirectly made me more confident. I mean, when other people are cramming and they see someone sitting there confidently, more often than not they will feel that they have not done enough compared to you, and it will trigger a downward spiral by making them feel worse.

But of course, the purpose of feeling confident is not to put people down, but rather that act of confidence fools the mind into thinking that you are ready for anything coming your way. I find that I am calmer and more able to think better because of this. That, you got to admit, allows you to do better at your examinations. When I get out of the examination hall, I do not discuss the questions with my friends like how everyone else does. When you realize that you have done something wrong, you feel less confident for the next paper. However, if I am extremely confident in myself, I might discuss a few questions as I know that I am right. This has the indirect effect of making me feel more confident for the next paper.

In conclusion, the take away from this post is that there is a non-academic side to achieving academic success. Other than preparing adequately for examinations and presentations, one must be able to condition himself mentally and prepare for the success that is to come. Remember, your body changes your mind, and your mind changes your behaviour. Once you have got the momentum going, life is going to be an upward spiral of energy, ensuring success in your academic field and beyond.

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