Online Courses from top Universities

I was reading The Sunday Times today which carried an article about online learning. Apparently online learning is growing in popularity, and you can even get certificates from the courses. Best of all, its free! Each course ranges from about 6-10 weeks, depending on the amount of material that is covered.

The article lists 3 websites which offer free online learning classes. They are (1) Coursera, (2) Udacity and (3) Edx. After a brief look through at the three websites, Coursera has the most number of courses available in many different categories like Economics, Finance, Computing etc. Udacity and Edx seem to be smaller in terms of content, but a good thing about Udacity is that it classifies its courses into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, so there are different courses one can take at different levels.

I was compelled to blog, or rather, I felt that I had a need to blog because I seem to have rediscovered a little bit of passion with regards to engineering studies in the software arena. As I see modules like Cryptography, Web Programming, Computational Finance and also Artificial Intelligence, I feel a sense of energy telling me to enroll for such classes. I am totally neglecting the fact that I might not have so much time for these lessons. However all these are very interesting subjects and to me, they represent progress for the human world. This feeling is something which I do not encounter in my day to day job. I have a passion for my job, but a man has got additional hobbies I suppose.

Or perhaps it’s just the nerd talking. Juniors who are still in university might probably look at this senior and think of me as insane. After all, I survived 4 years of engineering studies, studying stuff like neural networks which I might not ever use in my life. Especially so when the juniors might be struggling with some modules in University. Perhaps I have taken too long a break from such academic pursuits or intellectual challenge that I relish some sort of learning.

Moving forward, I hope to see more courses on soft skills. Currently I am reading books about Mind Maps, Improving Memory and even Organisational Learning. These are stuff that would help improve myself as an individual. I was very excited to see modules on innovation in the 3 websites above, as innovation nurturing is one of the more important aspects of our work. Without continual innovation, we will not improve and attain the efficiency that we should have. Slowly we will lay to waste if we do no innovate. Hence it is interesting to see how we can nurture the innovation culture in our respective organisation.

I’m blabbering, but I guess that means I’m excited, no?

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