Smart people producing smart kids

Just like how the rich gets richer, it is something that we shouldn’t loathe but embrace it as a fact. It is just that there is a higher probability that such things happen; successful people know how their success came about and would also have a different insight on how to deal with their kids or wealth. Especially when they are analytical people who are able to think at a strategic level.

Currently I am being exposed to the blog of this psychologist who happens to be the wife of a very important person. In her blog, she talks about her children and how they are taught. The younger brother is 12 and he is already more successful than me at my age. He is inquisitive and has a curious mind; something which I only developed later in life,plus the magnitude of my curiosity seems to still lag behind. He is working with HTML coding to build websites, and I only started such interests when I was 14-15, borrowing books from the library to feed my interest and build my websites.

Sometimes this gives me the thought that I am not good enough. This might come as a surprise since there will be many envious of my academic results from JC onwards. However I felt that I am very underdeveloped in so many areas. Truth is, the learning process never stops. There is a wealth of literature out there waiting to be developed, and peers who have gone ahead of me at my age are already valued at a higher potential. Neglecting potential, the literature is also interesting enough for me to want to learn without the incentive of being ahead.

Things like motivation theory that teaches you how to deal with your subordinates. Stuff like writing proper reports and how to structure your argument for coherence and ease of understanding. Currently I am reading a book on execution and the discipline to carry it through. When I get back home, I have a book titled “Use your brain” by Tony Buzan. Previously I read about memory techniques to improve on my memory, though it didn’t feel very applicable to the workplace.

There are so many interesting pieces of knowledge that one should strive to read up on. The learning never stops. If we chose to stop learning after getting our degrees, then we have no reason to complain about being poor and unsuccessful. Or even blame others for our lack of success in our workplace.

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