Review of the first month in the new year

In the last post, I wrote about new year’s resolutions. Resolutions which I should start to keep like how any responsible, self-accountable human being should. Resolutions which in the past would have failed due to my lack of determination. So how has the year been so far, 22 days into the new year?

If I could give myself a report card, I would think that it has been great so far. I’m keeping up with my 1 book a month resolution, where I am currently reading about the art of execution. The book gives plenty of examples of how successful leaders lead their teams into executing the vision from the higher management. In reflection, I realize that my work place has many such methodologies in place, and it is really up to us as middle management to carry it through. Being in such a large organisation, it is sometimes difficult to ensure that everyone in middle management toes the line.

I am also currently subscribed to a weekly financial magazine called The Edge. There has been two issues so far delivered every Friday, and I have been diligently reading them. There are interesting sub-magazines that talks about personal wealth, management, real estate etc, and they have also given me something to learn and think about.

At the workplace, I have also become more efficient as I pick up more knowledge in my day to day jobs and contributed more. I have not reached the level that I thought I should be, but I am glad that I am on my way there. At the same time, I have taken time to talk to people and try to effect some change and improvement for the better. I hope that I will be able to positively influence others to constantly seek improvements to themselves.

On the fitness front, I have been diligently joining the exercises at my workplace every odd weekday of the week. It might not be that effective on improving my IPPT scores, but it is an effort in the right direction. At the same time, it served as good cohesion time with everyone.

This is probably the first year where the resolutions actually seemed to be followed. Hopefully I will be able to get other resolutions in effect, like blogging more often. This is probably something which I need to work on, and it shouldn’t be hard since I have already had in mind what type of posts to write about. I just need to get the engines started and ensure that no brakes will be placed on my plans.

With that, I hope that everyone is able to stick to their new year’s resolutions.

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