Mindset towards learning

I was reading a book on the principles of finding happiness in the workplace (will do a write up on that subsequently), and a story in the book made me realize that it actually applied to my life and academic success.

The author went on a trip to south Africa and he asked a simple question, whether they liked school work. To his surprise, 95% of the class actually answered in the affirmative. This was totally the opposite where he worked as a Professor in Harvard University. In Harvard, most people dread school work. The reason? In South Africa, they saw studying as a previledge that their parents did not have. However in developed countries, studying has since been seen as a chore.

As I reflected on my life thus far, I realized that this was what happened to me. When I didn’t do as expected for PSLE, I was devastated and this actually led to me seeing studying at prestigious schools to be a previledge I yearned for. My peers were in great schools, I was in a good school, just away from them. When I eventually made it to NJC, I saw it as a previledge that I was able to study there. I also found opportunities to out do myself and saw it as an achievement to be able to improve.

As I progressed into university, the chances to out do myself were opportunities waiting to be harvested. I enjoyed studying and getting good grades. This happiness and positivity actually helped in the academic experience.

Hence no matter at work or in school, how you view your task changes your attitude towards the issue and your chances for success. So adopt the right mindset today!

2 thoughts on “Mindset towards learning

  1. I totally agree with what you are saying! Having graduated from NJC and going to NUS, I am totally looking forward to challenge my limits! Thanks for the motivational blog!

    1. Hey thanks for commenting. I haven’t been blogging frequently but I am always open for a chat. Do let me know if you have any queries yeah. 🙂

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