Carrying On

I was watching the Channel 5 movie Julie & Julia last night and the young lady in that movie actually started a blog. In the blog, she aims to cook all the dishes (500+ of them) in her idol’s cookbook within a time-span of a year. Nice drool worthy food aside, I realized that I didn’t do what I sought to do.

I wanted to blog more often, and I even had the content thought out. In fact I had been following (roughly) my new year resolutions of one book a month, and I had been looking at many articles on Flipboard, which I shared on Facebook in my workplace’s Facebook page. But I have never moved to sharing it on my blog, or to boost content. Nothing.

Seems like a rather failed attempt to me. It’s no wonder this blog is quite dead, and I am just keeping it in my futile efforts to make this blog read-worthy; considering that I have to stop blogging about my personal or work life since it is rather unprofessional and not to mention extremely sensitive. Hence the concept of sharing what I learnt for everyone to keep improving. But I didn’t.

When I was reading The Sunday Times today, I discovered this article about this young boy who achieved success programming his app. His app has just been bought over by Yahoo! and the name of this app is Summly.

That does remind me of when I was young and curious. I explored a lot on the internet and dreamt of building applications (on the internet, not on phones, yes that was a long time ago) that actually helped people. And I did not do anything about it. The last claim-worthy project I was on was NextTutor, which I had shut down eventually. It just seemed like your dreams are so far away from you; disconnected, really. As if when you went into real adulthood where you start working, you just don’t seem to follow the dreams when you were young anymore.

It’s not that I am unhappy with my work. I love my work and it gives me a great sense of purpose. Which is why I am still there even though it gets a little stressful sometimes. But post-work, shouldn’t there be something else? Seems like I am having difficulty juggling everything on my plate. The book a month, the financial magazine each week, trying to study for my Professional Competency Test, while blogging regularly and exercising?

Now most people will say that “well that is how it is”. That life is about prioritizing and doing the things that you matter most. And that you can’t have your cake and eat it. Which sounds really wise except that we forget about the assumption that we have been doing things properly the whole time.

Except that we have not. Most of the time is spent procrastinating and doing other irrelevant stuff like surfing 9gag. Which doesn’t really do much for you unlike some games which requires you to have good reflexes or use your brain.

Deep down I need to reconcile the things that I truly wanted to do vs the things I am doing to reach the goals. And start to get into the habit of doing the things I really wanted to do. Hopefully after this post I will start to blog more frequently.

There are a lot of things that I would like to talk about. This app “Summly” that I mentioned makes use of Natural Language Processing and AI to do summaries for you. That’s awesome in my opinion. Something which I would definitely struggle in. There are other productivity apps that I have tried out and will recommend to others. Things that I have used in my daily life because of certain specifications which I require. Or certain thoughts and books I have read. There’s just so many material that I could have covered and I should.

Plus writing helps to reorder some thoughts. Like a mental defragmentizer. After writing you get a better sense of what you want to do, even if you had written it in a manner which other people might find it hard to digest.

To the future, where I will never blog about how I have never kept to my To-Do lists.

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