Article: From Mail Room to Boardroom: A Star Executive’s Strategy to Rise to the Top

So I chanced upon this article titled From Mail Room to Boardroom: A Star Executive’s Strategy to Rise to the Top through the Flipboard app on my trusty tablet and I thought that I should share such articles. Previously I tried sharing such articles on the department Facebook page; however I am not too positive about the results. Other than realizing that many people has seen my share (but I have no idea if they read it), there’s just no communication to talk about the content.

Maybe a Facebook page isn’t the right place to push such serious content? Then, I guess, I shall write about such serious content on my blog, where hopefully it will attract an audience who wants to excel in their lives. Maybe I will have a small community, who knows?

Anyway, let’s personalise the article with my thoughts about work. These are the concepts from the article:

1. Find Solutions
This is something that is rarely found in the workplace. Most people are contented with work being pushed to them and then completing it. However, those who see the bigger picture and suggest ways to continually improve will be the ones who impress the management. There are many examples of inefficiencies in the workplace, but what are you going to do about it?

2. Have a strategic vision
This is probably to align yourself with the vision for the entire company. In that way, the ideas that you come up with will tend to help in making the company progress in line with that vision. It will also allow you to know the difficulties that are occurring and why certain plans are made which does not sit well with the majority of the work force.

3. Never be satisfied to rest on your laurels
I think that this is linked to point number 1. We have to continually seek improvement. But an example to not rest on your laurels is to read widely. There are many areas that one can obtain materials to read. It can be internally within the company where certain papers document the work processes; or that memo that was written to push forward an idea. It can be an external source of books (my 1 book per month goal?) that teaches you different things (like 6 Sigma, Happiness in the Workplace, Leadership?). It can also be from magazines or online ones like Flipboard.

4. Think Holistically
Which I thought is similar to point 1 and 4. This is to project the future and what needs to be done to reach there.

5. Numbers count
Not too sure about how numbers count in my workplace since there is no concept of profitability. But I suppose lessening the number of outstanding tasks by implementing workplace productivity improvements also count too.

6. Continually “sharpen the saw”
This refers to improving oneself, which should be linked to point 3 where I mentioned about reading widely. It is an investment in one self and a means of educating yourself with the information that is present in the world.

In a nutshell, a person who can impress the bosses must be able to seek continual improvement in the workplace and this is done by focusing on the KPIs/PIs and by educating oneself. The follow up actions on educating oneself is to spread these concepts into implemented solutions which will also help improve on the numbers (KPIs). However, in order to make sure these implemented solutions help you to gain an edge, we have to consider the strategic vision of the company and make sure these improvements do not lead the company into reverse gear. Finally, even if you had achieved a single goal, never stop as there can be continual improvements made as we grow together with the rest of the human race.

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