Shifting my space on the web

Unknowingly I have had this blog for many years. The blog contains many memories and is a testimony to how much I’ve changed and improved over the years. Eventually as I grow up this space wasn’t patronised as much by myself and netizens alike. Posts become rarer and visits dropped. The space I paid to host this blog used to house some web projects like NextTutor and now all it has left is this blog.

The space is getting more expensive too, and it is starting to make me wonder if it is worth it hosting my blog on a space that I don’t utilise much. I guess one of these days I will move back to the wordpress blogs but I will just keep my domain name.

I would still like to write about the stuff I read and learn about, and even share something interesting online. Furthermore writing helps me grow as a person, so I would like to still keep that part alive somehow.

So… when one day I am more free, I might just change back to wordpress. Hopefully no one will ever notice because its seamless. 🙂

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