Learning from others

Throughout a huge bulk of your our lives, we have been schooled and taught by educational institutes set up by the government to teach us a thing or two about languages, sciences, math, humanities like literature and history etc. But after 6 years of primary school,  4 years of secondary school, 2 years of JC, and 4 years of university education,  we didn’t learn enough to propel ourselves ahead of the pack.

We have all come out in the same packaging: brand name schools,  good grades in the same subjects etc. We are able to handle the nature of our job, but it might not be effective. It might not be productive,  and productivity is the new keyword of our new economy. We are still not good leaders and managers, and we lack the clarity of thought and the maturity to understand others.

But this does not mean we cannot develop these skills that are required for us to differentiate from the rest of the pack. We can hone our leadership skills; we can develop good presentation techniques; we can learn mind mapping to see the bigger picture. Heck, I even tried learning about positivity and happiness in the workplace.

The main gist is,  we can learn from the lessons of those who had been before us. I used to read much fiction books in my schooling days and the frequency decreased with time.  Recently I picked up reading on my trusty tablet and I have never stopped buying e books with the intention of reading and learning the content inside. These books are written by those who had done it before us and achieved the success. Sometimes they took many years to refine a certain method of success, but who is to say that we cannot replicate the process? Who is to say we cannot learn it and start applying it successfully at age 27 as opposed to the author who might be in his late 40s when they perfected their art?

The next step would then be to learn and replicate it. Then, to pass it on to others and build your own successful team. The world out there is big. Why not be that difference you want to see in your society? Never stop learning.

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