Getting a First Class Honours: Surround Yourself with Positive People

Studies have shown (but I’m not going to start quoting them here)  that positivity leads to success. The mere thought that you can do something makes it possible for you to achieve your goal as opposed to the constant thought that the task is beyond your capabilites. Ever heard of the placebo effect? Patients getting cured by taking a non medicated pill that was told to them as the state of the art medicine for their illness. In actual fact what cured them was the belief that the pill could save them, and it did.

This just shows how powerful the mind is. I am a personal living testament of the power of positivity. There was a point in time where I started to see things in a positive light; nothing could put me down. It was the start of the best things in my academic life. I excelled in my tests, examinations and even presentations.

But what I did not have was positive friends, so I had to rely on my own innate positivity to bring out the best in me. Believe me, sometimes being positive makes you weird to other people, and annoying too when you try to rub off the positivity to other people.

So if we could surround ourselves with positive people, the barrier to being positive is significantly reduced as everyone is positive. Humans are social animals. It helps that your social circle agrees with how you think. It reinforces your concepts and you are more than likely to reach your goals.

Imagine that the professor had thrown in some last minute assignment and spoiled some of your plans. Your group could either say “this professor sucks. Totally spoiled our weekends”  vs “Alright let’s do what we can so that we can save what’s left of our weekends.”

Notice the difference?

To be honest, nobody really like whiners. Its fun to whine along to destress but if your whole life is about whining, sooner or later your friends will get sick of it.

You can choose to be positive or negative about a certain problem. You can choose to solve it or to blame others. But when you choose to be positive and accept the responsibility, chances are the work produced will be a higher standard than the whining group. And this leads to results and better grades. You will feel confident of yourself and enjoy your studies. You will be more positive and then this cycle continues. In this way, you can achieve academic success.

But if you surround yourself with negativity, you can either be strong minded and insist on self positivity, else humans usually succumb in order to fit in with the group. If you belong to the latter, you are not a leader in your own right and you won’t be those who achieve success.

The cycle of negativity also continues. Getting bad grades, deciding you are not cut out for something,  lose interest, getting more negative, worse grades.

So why would anyone choose negativity? It’s easier. The world is quite interesting. Only a few will achieve great success and they will enjoy the fruits that will make other people envious. But with great rewards comes great sacrifice. It does not make sense that success comes easily.

So choose positivity over negativity. When you surround yourself with a positive group, you will find it easier to stick to the goals you set and you have more chances of seeing it through to completion.

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