Reward for positive behaviour

I mentioned that I had attended a course just two weeks ago on “Buzan’s 5 learning steps”. What I did not mention was that at the start there was an activity where we had to guess a message from what seemed to be many squares and some shaded parts.

Usually, I do not become enthusiastic about something until I had sufficiently warmed up, but strangely on that day, the moment I saw the hidden message, I just blurted it out to the speaker. I was pleasantly surprised afterwards when I was presented with a book titled “How to achieve your potential and enjoy life”.

It was a positive reinforcement that encouraged me to continue to participate to the best of my abilities. Through this episode, I also learnt that we will only get success when we do something.

I could have just kept mum and not say a thing. But that would mean someone else getting the prize, and given my character I might have continued to keep mum because that just ain’t me. However, the reward altered my behaviour and set my path differently. Once you realise you can do something, you will start to do it more often.

This is the same with success. Once you have tasted success, you will keep doing the things you have done over and over again, replicating the same success in your work, your personal life, your family etc.

The human spirit has limitless potential. Sometimes we just need to take that step forward and be the difference we would like to have to this world.

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