Applying what you have learnt

We had over a decade of formalised education aimed to teach us skills in linguistics, mathematics, sciences, humanities etc, yet we have yet to truly learn the lessons that can help us as a person. Such information comes from a variety of places, for example, experience shared by a senior, words from a self-help book etc. While we know where exactly to learn some soft skills and raise our personal effectiveness, it is also important to actively use them.

After being taught on how to give effective presentations, do you still go back to the old style of presentations where you have words plastered all over the slides, causing the viewers to read actively and listen passively? After being taught a new word, do you try to use it more often or relegate it to the back of your mind? After learning how to draw an effective mind-map that can assist in your learning, do you use it or leave it to rust (figuratively)?

Mindmaps are something that I have been toying with for a very long time. My first experience of a real mindmap comes from Tony Buzan’s book titled “Mind Maps at work”. However I have failed to utilise my new found knowledge to learn newer things. I have adapted the mind map in its simplest form – a map, but I did not practice the art and science of the mind map, which consists of rules like colours, a single word on each branch etc. This caused my mind maps to be in a single colour – black. And not to mention, boring.

With this new book that I am reading titled “How to achieve your potential and enjoy life”, I have tried to make a real mind map this time. Incidentally, the book was a gift during a course on Tony Buzan’s 5 learning steps, which actually taught and allowed me to revise on the concepts of how to draw a real mind map. I am currently testing out the procedure and have since drawn 2 branches out of the possible 10 lessons from the book. To be honest it was indeed fulfilling and I felt that I was more able to grasp at the concepts than before.

Hence this blog-post. We all learn new things from many sources, but how often do we really do something about it? We learn and we know the path to success, but think about it: The wise man can show you the map, but you still have to walk it to reach the destination. Now that you know how to make it easier to reach the destination, employ the tool and use it. Then share it with other people so that they too can learn and harness these tools for their own personal success.

If you never applied the lessons, then the effort spent in learning have all gone to waste.

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