Meeting and Minutes

Something which schools did not teach but are vital for success in both business and non-business worlds, which is organising a meeting and writing minutes. Now, not every company requires minutes for their meetings but that does not mean that minute writing is not relevant. There are many situations in which minute writing skills would come in useful.

Now, most of the times we realize we sit in a long meeting and weeks later, we have no recollection of what was exactly discussed at the meeting. This made the meeting rather unproductive. We have no idea what transpired and what decision did it lead to. As such we forgot what is required of us to do or we couldn’t grasp the rationale and hence submit sub-standard work.

If we are able to acquire some skills in minute writing, we might be able to capture pertinent points accurately and still be able to participate in the conversation. Weeks later, we are still sure of what was discussed and hence we are able to contribute even better in the future. Minute writing might become a method of taking notes.

Should you be working in a company where minutes is required to be recorded, minute writing skills would ensure you never miss the crux of the issues and the decisions that follow. You are also able to better advise members on their action items. You will be able to send in your minutes early, ensuring that everyone has ample time to kick start their follow up actions.

I have found an e book through the e book stores on minute writing. It’s titled “Taking Minutes of Meetings” by Joanna Gutmann. I will be reading the book and recording the important points down so that I can apply it. I have started to fill the role of a secretary at a few meetings and this skill would serve me well by making me more effective and finally more efficient as I waste less time writing the minutes after the meeting. I will be sharing these skills here on my blog when the time comes!

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