Of Commissioning and work life balance

A couple of friends commissioned in the past weekend. They were from my batch together with me in Air Force Service Term. Due to some injuries they OOCed and then subsequently got revocationalised and went through OCS again. Hence the great delay in commissioning, but nonetheless they still made it. I thought it was rather interesting how we have people who never give up in the quest to become an officer, vs how we also have people from the other spectrum who go out all the way to have a good relaxed time out of NS.

It’s not my attention to compare and then judge on what is the right way to go for NS, or how a regular should be like. I just stated the comparison to show how there’s always the other side of the spectrum. Many a time we see people online complaining about NS and how lousy life is, but if we think about it, there is the other side where people are positive and enthusiastic and they choose to live their lives as meaningful as they want it to be. It’s like the normal curve, where you have people on this side, and also people on that side. It’s just normal.

But that’s not really the point I wanted to write about. I just think it’s amazing that they commissioned, 1 year later than us, but it’s better late than never. And to think of it, I have “passed out” of my training for 1 year already and it has been about half a year since my appointment, which is the ME equivalent of commissioning.

Throughout the entire journey, I learnt more about the organisation, and more about myself as an individual and leader. Many new experiences which shaped me and they are all valuable experiences. I can’t help but remember the very wise sentence, “to love what you do”. If not, you will get burnt out very fast.

Also, I read an article by a lecturer in NUS talking about Work Life balance and how it is complete foolishness to expect work life balance at the start of your working life. I can’t help but agree, but I bear in mind that critics might point out other countries as example where they don’t have to work as hard. I kind of like to think that schools do not teach us to be efficient and hence we end up working long hours to meet the requisite productivity. It just reminds me of how I should continually seek to improve myself. Just a thought.

Many random thoughts today which I’m not sitting down to review and pen down properly. Probably quite a gibberish article that reflects my tired mind. Onward!

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