Web Start Up: Learnemy.com

People who know me well would know that I used to be fascinated with all the techy techy stuff that people could do on the internet to help bridge people together in all sorts of interesting ways. Actually, I still am. I used to have a tuition site which links tutors and students together as a just-for-fun kind of project for my university holidays. Now that I pulled the plug on it, thinking back it does leave a little hole in my life. As I flipped the papers today, I noticed that an individual came up with this site called Learnemy which links people who want to teach certain skills to people who want to learn certain skills. The essence is quite similar to what I had in the past, just that mine was of a specific genre, tuition.

In addition, Learnemy has successes where I did not have. They integrated the monetizing aspect where they could take 20% of commission from any successful link. I didn’t have that, which is why mine was a project and not a business. And this is why I have all the more respect and admiration that someone went out of her way to do so much more, and I’m really impressed.

So far I have seen table tennis teachers, squash teachers, coding teachers etc and it really looks promising. I thought, I wouldn’t mind doing something like that again as a project when I have more time. At least, it’s a hobby that I could use to do self development. 🙂  The site reminds me of those educational sites where university professors come to give free lessons. I used to take one of the lessons until I couldn’t keep up as I went overseas for a few weeks. Maybe one day I can teach something as well!

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