The Passion for Programming

I’m writing this again because I was suddenly reminded of the passion I used to have for programming. I was surfing the net as usual when I saw an email telling me about a major upgrade to this calendar app which I supposedly used to have. I went to click on the website and after a few clicks, I stumbled upon the “Team” page where it lists down all the programmers that worked on the project. And… I just felt like a part of me was woken up from a deep sleep. Yet I know I purposely hid that part of me as there was not much opportunity to use it given my work and my personal life thus far.

But I used to love programming. I picked up HTML when I was 13. I know that isn’t programming but that was my first computer-sy related venture. I wanted to build sites so I started figuring how to build websites. In the first generation of pages, every bit of information was listed in a long scrolling page. Next came frames and slowly everything evolved to the internet that we knew of.

I didn’t do much until after NS when I learnt that a good friend of mine has his own website. It sparked me to get my own domain name (hence this URL instead of the default one) and a host. I created my blog on the host and began picking up CSS and improve on my Photoshop skills. Soon, I picked up a little of PHP and MySQL and I built NextTutor, a tuition pairing website.

In university, we had to learn C and subsequently C++ to build simple applications. I learnt Matlab programming to do my image processing assignments. I learnt how to use Visual Studio to build GUIs  using Visual Basic. I picked up Java programming for my FYP.

Now? I have forgotten most of them as I had not touched them for a long time. But the programming methodologies and concepts still stays. It is easier to pick up on programming as well. I believe the foundation also allows me to re-pick up on these languages when I want to.

I’m currently learning Excel Programming to improve my workplace productivity. It is taking me a while as I cannot afford to spend time on it during work hours. It is like a feeble attempt to reach out to one part of me that used to do such things. And it still excites me too; that I can build something which other people can use. Something that will help cut down on time so others are freed up to do more work.

Think about it. What’s your hobby that you should do once in a while just to give yourself something to be happy about?

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