A reflection on self improvement

I wanted to write in order to talk about self improvement. Recently I was toying around with an idea of forming a group with like minded individuals who are passionate about self-improvement and sharing of knowledge. The group will also be a form of peer support, providing advice when needed. It is like a mentor program, except it will be by peers. Perhaps in the future the group could evolve to include much younger members (when we are all older), when it will transit to a mentor support group. However, other than a like-minded colleague, I have yet to met anyone who would be even interested in this.

Over the past 3 months, I have read or have begun reading 3 different books. In January, I read “The First Time Manager in Asia” and wrote a post about it.. In February, I read “The 5 Levels of Leadership”. I did not complete it though. I finished reading Level 3: Production and figured that I had some improvement to go in this aspect before I should proceed to the next level. However, someone I met told me that it is always good to be aware of what the next level is even if you are not in the position to understand and appreciate the level itself.

This month’s book is “The Fine Art Of Small Talk – How to start a conversation in any situation” by Debra Fine. I have began reading and taking down notes; however I have yet to apply it even though I had situations to. This is an area which I had identified as a weakness of mine and I have to do something to minimise the weakness. That is essentially what self improvement is about, improving strengths and reducing weaknesses.

To conclude, I have been diligently reading one book a month and occasionally I take a look at my mind maps in order to refresh my memory on the concepts learnt. I am glad to have taken a good start to keeping my goals for the new year and look forward to completing the year 2014 as a much improved person. I am also hopeful to influence others to set such goals for themselves as well.

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