Make a Conscious Effort

For those who are out there seeking improvement to yourself, you might be doing it through a few different possible methods. Examples range from reading self help books, browsing self help articles on the internet, watching videos on YouTube and reading other people’s blogs etc. However, we can read and learn the content that is available to us and yet nothing has changed. We are still the same person that we once were, with nothing to show for the hours we put in to learn new materials.

Something that my colleague shared with me made much sense. There has to be a conscious effort to do something. There has to be a decision within yourself to say “I want to do this today”. We were talking about being in meetings that do not affect us much and hence were boring and dull. He said that he made it a point to learn 1 new thing which he wasn’t aware of, so he actually spent the effort to pay attention to something new, write it down and think about it. Or it could be a conscious effort to raise a point in a meeting for the benefit of others. This could help those who always have ideas but are afraid to raise them. Force yourself to contribute just one during the meeting and slowly you will get used to contributing more.

The Conscious Effort has got to do with part of habit forming. Forming habits are really difficult; good habits, that is. For example, you might have a grand goal of keeping fit. The execution part requires you to don your exercise gear and go out there to do some exercise. You would also have to do it diligently without fail at a pre-determined frequency. In short, forming a habit to exercise. The Conscious Effort is just a mechanism to get that first step out of the way. Your Conscious Effort might be to run 2km at least once a week. It will slowly transform and upgrade to include other exercises. Once the habit is formed, it is very easy to continue!

The other thing to note about The Conscious Effort is that it is something that we have to keep reminding ourselves about. Every time we go to a meeting, or meet new people, we have to set a conscious effort to improve beyond what we currently am. For example, introverts might decide that you want to start a conversation with the stranger sitting next to you instead of waiting for others to introduce themselves. No matter what it is, if you have identified a weakness you need to change, set a Conscious Effort goal today and make sure you go out there and do it.

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