Excel Programming: Creating a Manpower Monitoring Program

I have been spending most of my free time on one single project in the past few days. With the knowledge I learnt from the Excel Programming book I purchased a few weeks back, I sought to create a VBA program that could help me monitor my manpower on a weekly basis.

The program would help me in the following areas:

  1. Present an overview of the manpower availability in the next 5 working days (for manpower planning)
  2. Monitor the outstanding leave status (so that I can get people to take more leave instead of waiting to clear it all at the end of the year)
  3. Monitor the number of MCs taken (from a purely care-for-soldiers perspective as multiple MCs for the same condition might highlight the need for some in depth tests)
  4. Allow input of manpower movement through a small Graphic User Interface (GUI)
  5. Allow the generation of calendar databases by inputting the Year required
  6. Allow automatic generation of the daily HR report for submission to higher HQ

Many of the subsidiary functions are not automated by VBA though. Some require the user to do input directly into the databases.

The main aim is still to improve efficiency where possible and waste less time. At the same time, to make sure that manpower is monitored properly to avoid cases where I have a lack of trained people to do work.

So far so good, hopefully I can use it at work within the next week!

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