Trying out a new routine & The need to feel Hungry

Since yesterday, I made it a point to try to sleep at 11:20pm. This is because I wake up daily at 06:20am. This arrangement would allow me to sleep for 7 hours a day, which many different online sources seem to say is the minimum required. I have been feeling tired for the past few months as I sleep at 12 and wake up at 6:20.

When I woke up today as a result of the additional 40 minutes, I feel more refreshed and energetic. There seems to be a spring to tell me it is time to wake up and “Sieze The Day!”. I shall see how this continues for the next few days.

Apart from the new sleep routine, I have also tried to cut down on unnecessary wastage of time spent on the internet doing nothing fruitful. Perhaps this conscious effort helped in ensuring that I am writing a post instead of surfing forums and re-watching YouTube videos. I hope I can continue though. I have also continued to read a book which I bought previously on Six Sigma, and perhaps it would be the book of the month for May.

The previous book that I read was about Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP). I believe in NLP as many of the changes I experienced in my life that led to my academic successes seemed in-line with NLP principles. Part of it is the living “at cause” as opposed to “at effect” which I mentioned briefly in my previous two posts. I was also more optimistic in the period where I started to work harder for my studies.

But that is not the main reason why I needed to mention it in this post. The reason lies with the final chapter in the book that asks “How much do you want it”, or as I always say “How hungry are you”? There is a book called “The Secret” which said “Anything that you want from the Universe will be given to you”. But I think we need to justify that because there can be many wants, but only a select few in which you are hungry enough to do what it takes to get there. As with goal setting, we have to identify on how much we want it, lest it becomes a dying flame and all we have at the end of our lives is the memory of the smoke.

With that, I am going to re-do my mind map of the legacy I want to leave behind as a new way to reaffirm my personal goals.

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