Learning More When I Was Younger; Should Have

When I was younger, I sat in the back of the passenger car watching the world go by. There were trees, buildings, schools, clouds and many other fascinating things. Now, I drive and all I see is the road in front of me. Occasionally, I look through the rearview mirror and I can see the car right behind me. Compared to the good old days, the viewpoint sure isn’t much.

And I am quite convinced that this is the kind of life that we are leading once we start work. The analogy was used to point out how we know better now that we should have appreciate the times in the past more as we have lost the time to enjoy the scenery. But really, I thought, if only I could have learnt more when I was younger, or paid more attention to specific subjects.

Before I entered my workplace proper, there was a period of training. Those days were fun where life was good and all we had to do was study. When we started working, you realise that there will be a pile of work for you to do, on the assumption that you knew what you were taught. However we soon know that all we did remember was the awareness that such a topic exists, and we have to re-learn everything again, and on our own time, no less.

But we could have just paid more attention right at the beginning so that we remember more and hence spend less time training for what we should have learnt from the past. The time spent could be used to tackle the future or preparing for what is to come.

I hope that people who are on their training courses would gain some insight from this post and place more emphasis so as to not make the mistakes that I did. In future I might blog more about how to learn better and focus more..but that’s a post for another day.

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