The New Ignorantsoup

For a long time I was toying with the idea of doing up a whole new WordPress site to store more professional material. In the course of my career, I have learnt many things professionally and personally and I thought it would be good to have a place to store these thoughts. I also toyed with the idea of being someone’s mentor, so that I can make a difference in someone’s career. But instead of becoming an actual person’s mentor, I asked myself “why not just store the lessons that I have learnt somewhere?”. I had been storing articles that I wanted to share in a personal facebook page. I thought I could go one step further, to include my own personal thoughts.

A quick discussion with a close friend made me realise that I could continue on my blog, since this is my online identity. Hence I took a few days to comb through my old content and removed those that were less professional. In the past, I wrote many posts on my own life, and my own less-mature thoughts about various issues. They were full of contention and many people have commented. For those which I thought were more mature, I kept them and those that were less-mature, I removed them. It was a wonderful experience looking at how much I have grown, but this time I wanted to build a more professional platform.

I also realised that the more professional content arose after I had started working. After I began working, I had less time to write about feelings and contentious articles. I wrote about job experiences and how those experiences made me feel. These articles were about leadership, determination (drive), management etc.

Subsequently, I will be archiving many mind maps that I have created after reading them in the past eight years, and I will also be doing some personal reflection on the pertinent lessons that each book holds. Hopefully these information would be useful to any one who is interested in advancing himself/herself personally and professionally. It is my desire to nurture a group of like-minded people who will share articles and resources and bring one another to greater heights.

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