About Ignorantsoup

A brief summary of the site

This blog represents a collection of learning points I have experienced over the course of my life. In the past, the blog was about daily living, with limited “learning pointers” style posts. Since 29 Nov 19, I decided to change the course of this blog by removing the less professional content in order to focus more about personal and professional development.

About myself

I graduated from the National University of Singapore in 2011, and since working with my current employer, I was privileged to work with a great bunch of people whom I have had the chance to coach and develop. I have also benefited from their sharing on leadership and management. It is with great joy that I embark on my journey of productivity, leadership and management in order to build greater teams.

Privately, I am a father of two children. Having children also gave me a refreshed perspective on work. I would rather become more productive at work so that I can achieve what I want within the working hours. This will allow me to go home and spend time with the children. This is also the motivation to read more, learn more and improve myself.

A renewed focus

Prior to 29 Nov 19, I wrote loosely about leadership, management and non-fiction books. One of my more interesting series was writing about my experiences in getting a First Class Honours at NUS. It is intended to give students some motivation and guide on what they need to do to get themselves on track to obtain academic results. Although my original intent was to write a book and this did not materialise, the contents were still useful in my opinion.

Since graduation, I had read many different books. Readers of the old blog would know that I tried, but failed, at reading one book a month. I had only succeeded in the initial year, but the motivation dwindled. However, I had created numerous mind maps based on the things I had learnt from those books, and I would like to share it with everyone. Since September 19, I had also joined a book club called Leaderbooks, by Michael Hyatt. Every month, a book would be introduced to the community, along with an activation guide which guides us through the book. I will not be posted copyrighted content as I think Michael deserves to earn from his work. However, I would attempt to capture and share my own reflections at various points.

This blog will focus on lessons learnt from my personal experiences at leadership and managing people, from books I had read in the past, and from interesting articles that I share on my website. Do reach out to me if there are interesting articles or books you would like to recommend.


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