About Me

A brief summary of myself

I’m an awesome guy born in the year of the Tiger in 1986 in the wee hours of the morning. I graduated from National University of Singapore in 2011, and have been working with my current employer since then. At my current working location, I had the privileged to work with a great bunch of people whom I have had the chance to coach and develop. I have also benefited from their sharing on leadership and management. It is with great joy that I embark on my journey of productivity, leadership and management in order to build greater teams.

I love Penguins and I love Japan. I had spent my 21st birthday there in my favourite country, having a warm bowl of ramen which just warms the heart and soul. I learned basic Japanese for a few months and paused due to the busy nature of my final year in university. I would continue learning the language by myself but unfortunately the language didn’t make it to the top priority of my to do list.

I love Japanese food. Nothing beats beginning a meal with a nice bowl of Chawamushi, followed by a nice main course. Main courses that I love or like includes Udon, Soba, Ramen, Katsudon,Sushi and Sashimi. You can’t go wrong with Japanese cuisine!

Why ignorantsoup

The nickname ignorantsoup came in the year 2003 when I was in my first year in National Junior College. My friend kept calling me soup due to my highly unique surname, and eventually I added the word ignorant in front of it. It is highly unique as I thought nobody would ever put the word ignorant in their nickname. I think I am wrong, but it is still a rare nickname nonetheless.

I always believed that we are all ignorant people. Once someone got upset with how I claimed that everyone in this world was ignorant, and he got into a fight with me on this blog. I still stand by my views though. How many times have you entered a discussion online and see people calling the others naive? Although at certain times, the word naive was used as an insult, but sometimes the person is genuinely naive. We are all ignorant about many things in this world, and we rely on subject-matter-experts to teach us. It is impossible to understand everything that is going on in our world today, but if we humbly accept our own ignorance in terms of all the knowledge in the universe, then I think it is a good start.

I don’t see the word “ignorant” as an insult like how other people might be; at least in the way I am using it now. Hence do not take offense when I say that everyone is ignorant. For who can truly claim to be the wisest of the wise, and who can truly claim to have all of the world’s knowledge in his brain?

My Education

Rulang Primary School

Rulang Primary School is the only school in which I didn’t really have a say in joining; simply because I was too young to decide anyway. I was streamed into EM1 at Primary 4, and I joined Scouts as a CCA. Eventually I did badly as compared to my peers and got an aggregate of 247.

Bukit Panjang Government High School

I took my secondary school education in BPGHS for the next 4 years of my life, entering the 6th class out of 7 in the express stream cohort. It was the first time that I was in the bottom of the cohort, and somehow it felt really different. I only bloomed in the second year of school, and finally moved up to the 3rd class in the third year. I resumed Scouting as a CCA. I took 8 subjects at O levels and managed to get an L1R5 of 9.

National Junior College

NJC was the first school that I aimed for and got into. After 4 whole years of working for this goal, it sure felt sweet to enter the school gates and sing the school song. I changed CCA to Angklung Orchestra and had lots of fun. I entered the exco as a Treasurer and took part in the organizing of a combined concert with Harmonica and Guitar club. In the end of year 1 I had the opportunity to take up Mathematics and Physics at S level.

National University of Singapore

Without knowing what exactly I was interested in, I decided on my major by first eliminating faculties and then eliminating courses. I am not an arts person, so FASS was out. I didn’t want to study pure sciences or mathematics, so Faculty of Science was out. Business seemed so generic and hence it was out too. Engineering seemed like a practical aspect of daily life, so Faculty of Engineering (FoE) it was. Amongst all the various courses offered by FoE, Electrical Engineering made sense as there are always more and more electronics being invented to improve on our daily lives. It seemed like a course that is important and wouldn’t become redundant, so I daringly put EE as my only choice and sent it to NUS. Luckily for me I was accepted into the program.

Being in NUS, I had the freedom to decide which classes to take. Furthermore there were lots of spare time in which I could do the things I wanted to. I didn’t join any CCA because I didn’t think there was a point in joining just for the sake of having something on my resume. Hence I went to take up PHP programming skills and built my first website, NextTutor, a tuition portal connecting parents and tutors. I took it down at the end of my 3rd year as I didn’t have the time to maintain it with my FYP commitments. I also took the time to learn the Japanese language, as well as attended a course in Financial Planning by Great Eastern. In July 2011, I graduated from NUS with a First in Electrical Engineering.

My Hobbies

  • Running
  • Playing Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Web Design & Programming
  • Reading non-Fiction (management, leadership, finance, productivity etc) books
  • Travelling with my partner

14 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Hi Kenneth,

    I’m a fellow NUS student. I am considering building an iontophoresis device but i need some advice about electricity. Can you help me out?

  3. Such arrogance. “I think everybody is ignorant because nobody knows everything that goes around in this world. We rely on people who know (so called experts) to give us information, and even if we get those information, we are clueless about other aspects. So nobody is truly un-ignorant, if there is such a word.”

    Even the richest dare not claim this statement, not to say a kid who hasn’t even made his first grand of dollars. Not knowing everything in the world doesn’t make the person ignorant. Ignorant is a powerful word of insult and you should watch your ‘tongue’ as internet contents written by you are also “sue-able” young man.

  4. arrogance? I think not. We merely have a different opinion. Do you mean a rich man has a greater right to claim that statement compared to me? I beg to differ. Why is it wrong to say that we are ignorant of many things? No one can claim that they know everything can they? What i mean is that ignorant, though used as an insult, should not be treated as one, since everyone in this world has limited knowledge.

    By the way, i like your comment. But i doubt anyone can sue me for my own opinion, which is not targeted at anyone and hence not deframatory in nature. Furthermore it is not racist and its contents can be argued to be a grey area.

    But i find it deeply ironic that you call me arrogant, when you display your own arrogance towards me in this comment, and by using a deliberate word young man to belittle me. Perhaps before you feel this anger towards me, you can find out my opinion. I am always open to dissent, as i am indeed ignorant and i need guidance. We are all learning isn’t it? Guide me as i walk on my own path. Thank you.

  5. “Do you mean a rich man has a greater right to claim that statement compared to me?”

    Everybody has rights to claim that but nobody will escape being classified as an arrogant prick after doing so. People dont voice it out doesn’t mean it’s not the case boy.

    “By the way, i like your comment. But i doubt anyone can sue me for my own opinion, which is not targeted at anyone and hence not deframatory in nature.”

    If you study law, you could be fined for using the word “everybody” and probably jailed/greater fine for targetting the word on somebody in Singapore. Read up to clear your doubts.

    “But i find it deeply ironic that you call me arrogant, when you display your own arrogance towards me in this comment, and by using a deliberate word young man to belittle me.”

    Using the word young man = arrogant? Yes you are ignorant I know but how foolish can you be to come out with this statement? It basically only meant that I’m older than you, young man.

  6. Oh so everybody has the rights to claim that. So what’s the point of quoting the rich? Fallacy?

    Well, fine me then. I don’t think anyone will be so childish as to fine me over such a small opinion. Besides, you probably could dismiss me as a small arrogant prick, that’s fine by me. If’s my personal opinion, and if you disagree, let’s just agree to disagree. I don’t really see that my views of ignorance are wrong and I don’t mean it as an insult. If you cannot understand what I am trying to say after so long, then let’s just leave it as that.

    Well certain words can have different submeanings depending on tones. I would assume a matured adult like you to be fully aware of possible sub-meanings. Using young man may sound alright, but in a toneless environment like the internet, it may sound like you’re trying to use false moral authority by making me bow down due to your supposed bigger age. Fallacious!

  7. hi ignorantsoup,

    your blog is a great read, im sure you will persevere and reap the fruits of your labour. have a great life ahead and all the best in your studies. hope your FYP will stop giving you such a hard time.


  8. Hi passerby,

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement. I will persevere and work hard and not disappoint myself and everyone around me. 🙂

  9. I was just reading the comments again. I had since made my first grand of dollars, and I still stand to my opinion that everyone is ignorant of something.

  10. Hi,

    I am about to join the rsaf as an me4 afe.
    I managed to read your blog and I must say you never talk aboit afe. I have a few questions to ask. Do yiu think we can communicate via email?

  11. Hi Hi,

    I saw your post giving a compliment to the MYPaper Distributer Aunties, not sure can you tell me where is she distributing? Thought of giving out some reward to the person 🙂

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