From Zero to Networks

[Note: This will be a series of blog posts that I write about various Networking-related topics. The aim of this is to help other people who want to make a switch to the cybersecurity industry, or people who want to get a basic understanding of networking. As such, it will not go in depth, as I am also a beginner in this industry. As a mid-careerist and a father, I find that I require to the point articles on what I should know]

As a baseline, I aim to cover the following topics in the future. Whenever new topics are published, I will update the links. This will become a content-page and more topics will be added when deemed suitable.

I do not aim to spoon feed as well. Part of surviving in the industry is knowing how to get the information yourself. As a total newbie, I faced difficulty in not knowing what I should pick up on my own, and hence I thought minimally there should be a good list to start off. Here goes:

  1. IP Addresses
    • IPv4 vs IPv6
    • How are computers identified by their IP
    • DHCP
    • How are private network addresses assigned behind your home router
    • Ping (and what does it mean when ping fails)
    • How to see your IP
  2. TCP vs UDP
    • Fundamental differences
    • How to see your computer’s current connections
  3. Gateway
    • How traffic flows from your device connected to your home router, out to the internet
  4. Ports
    • What does ports mean
    • How many ports are there
    • Can we reuse the same port
  5. VPN
    • What happens when you connect via a VPN.

This is still a work in progress list, so do feel free to contribute ideas to this list!