Hide Yamamoto + Skypark

Joyce and I went to Marina Bay Sands on the 11th September 2011 because it was a rather special day for the both of us, and I wanted to go to the Skygarden for the first time. I selected an expensive restaurant just to commemorate the occasion, and at the same time try out the kind of food they serve at such places since we won’t be going to such restaurants often.

The restaurant we chose to go to, or rather, I chose to bring her is Hide Yamamoto, which is a celebrity chef dealing with Japanese Cuisine. It is indeed an expensive place when one piece of fatty tuna sushi costs $20.00, hence we didn’t order that. Here are the things we did order:

The Califonia Roll King Crab, Avocado came in six pieces and tasted really delicious. The avocado was a good mix with the king crab and we even finished the ginger slices that accompanied the dish. The cost was 20 dollars.

Next, the Assorted Squid Hotate Oyster Mushroom (It’s not featured in their pdf menu so I cannot remember the exact name) was served. The hotate (scallops) is very nice as the sauce is delicious. The oyster mushroom was great too. This dish costs $25.

Subsequently, the “Grilled KUROBUTA Jowl and Romain Lettuce
Champagne Vinegar MISO Dressing” was brought to our table, and it tasted great as well. The dressing for the food made it great and covered the raw lettuce taste. As a result, I actually ate some of that lettuce. This dish costs $30.

When we saw how little food arrived after the previous dish, we called for an additional “Cha-Shu Soy Ramen” with an additional “Flavoured Egg” so that we wouldn’t be too hungry. The broth tasted clear. It was a good bowl of ramen, but the both of us still felt more satisfied with the Nantsuttei one. This dish costs $26.

Overall, we left feeling not hungry but not full either. The food didn’t taste exceedingly delicious for the price, but the ambiance was great. It is a nice way to celebrate the occasion though.

When we left, however, there was this old man with balding hair sitting opposite this young china woman. And then we wonder, is it true love or some mistress? We’ll never know, I suppose, but if they are willing parties, who are we to comment.

We then went up the Skypark, which offered a breathtaking view of the surroundings. In my opinion, the Singapore Flyer just pales in comparison, both in terms of height and in terms of range. In your little capsule on the Singapore Flyer, you cannot see far given your limited height. Since the skygarden is on top of a tall building, one can see the surroundings better.

At the top I gave Joyce a handmade card and a nice box of chocolates. She eventually shared half of the chocolates with me just so that I can try the chocolates. 🙂

Nice date completed! 😀

2D1N Soju Bang

The NJ gang decided to meet up at least once before Zong Yao flies off to the US of A to begin his work at Microsoft. It would be at least a year before we would all meet up again since air tickets are not exactly cheap, plus when you start working, you can’t be taking leaves all the time for long flights back, not to mention one would probably plan quick holiday trips? My colleagues have already gone on getaways one after the other, going to places like Hong Kong, Hong Kong (cause there’s two of them) and soon Hong Kong (cause there’s a third) or Taiwan and Korea.

Since two among the five have been to this Korean BBQ place called 2 Day 1 Night Soju Bang that is along Tanjong Pagar Road. Take the MRT to Tanjong Pagar MRT station and follow the map shown above. It is a short 10 min stroll and there is a queue when we arrived. You can leave a name (no prior reservations) when you arrive at the location, so do get someone to go some time earlier. You will only be allowed in after a prior number of guests of your group have arrived. In our case, 4 out of 5 of us were there so they allowed us to enter.

On first glance, it is like a normal shop house setting. The furnishings are old and simple. It is like an olden shop house. There is a flat screen TV playing Korean Music Videos and the songs played over the speakers are totally out of sync. It is as if the TV is muted and they are playing tracks on a separate system. The walls are plastered with the posters of my Korean Artistes, even those endorsing a particular brand of soju.

Soju Bang is a place with a lot of meat. I just ate meat all the time. Beef, pork and chicken. You have a metal plate lined with aluminium foil where you can cook the meat. The plate is slightly tilted with an opening at the end to allow the oil from the meat to flow into a metal container where it will collect. The wait staff changed the aluminium foil quite frequently at the beginning; at the later stages, the aluminium foil got a little black before they changed; this is probably because the other tables need cleaning up to receive new customers and hence they don’t have enough manpower to keep changing the foils.

There’s no photos cause it is just all meat and I don’t have a camera phone. At the end of it all I took the long mushroom thingie (Jing Zhen Gu) and put some marinated beef over it. As the beef cooks, the sauce leaks out onto the mushrooms, cooking it nice and flavourful. It’s the best way to eat the mushrooms imo.

The damage amounted to $22 per person, which is quite cheap considering that it is a buffet and you can take as much meat as you like. The ambience isn’t exactly great as the floors are oily, the tables are oily, your face gets oily. Whatever you have exposed is oily. Your shirt gets smoked and there’s a lingering smell with the oily and dirty feeling you get as you make your way home. But the food is good, just that if you are not a meat lover then this is probably not the place for you. And oh yeah, I did put on weight! Yay.


Joyce and I went to Bakerzin for a meal last Tuesday, which was a public holiday thanks to the Hari Raya celebrations (Yay for being a multi-racial multi-cultural society). We went there because of the $20 voucher that she bought from deal websites for the cost of $10. She bought two vouchers so we had a $40 off for the cost of $20.

We ordered two mains, the Japanese Curry Chicken Rice (top photo) (I’m not too sure the exact names, but it’s obvious from the menu which dishes I’m referring to if you ever take a look at their menu) as well as this Cheesy Seafood thingie (see next photo) (sorry bad memory for the name, but similarly, you can’t miss this).

We agreed that the Japanese Curry Rice thing wasn’t fantastic, so you can give it a miss (hence the name wasn’t important yeah). The rice was a little hard, though you would expect soft rice since its Japanese style yeah? The chicken was normal and the curry tasted like what I can get out of the NUS Arts Canteen. The cheese pasta dish, however, was much better. The seafood tastes nice with the right degree of moisture. The pasta was a little hard at the top since its baked, but the bottom ones were perfect. It is watery as there’s still some “soup” left in the bottom. A much better dish, although I think it’s nothing to exclaim over. It’s just better by comparison.

Joyce ordered the Iced Americano, which is essentially coffee with a scoop of ice cream. We didn’t really like it a lot; personally I thought ice cream float drinks taste nicer if it was fizzy drinks instead of coffee.

I ordered the Lime Sorbet drink which is a mix of some lime thing and 7-up/Sprite (don’t know which one) with a scoop of ice cream. I liked the slight sour taste of the sorbet, and when mixed with the drink itself produced a very refreshing and distinctive taste which the both of us enjoyed very much. She was the one who ordered the better dish for the food, and I was the one who ordered the better one for the drink, so we joked that we should just let her decide on the food while I decide on future drinks. Haha.

For dessert we had the Oreo Cheesecake which was really good imo. Joyce makes very good Oreo Cheesecakes too; they have different styles and both taste superb. For this one the oreo forms the crust mainly (top and bottom), and for hers, the oreo is also mixed into the cheese cake portion. I think Bakerzin really makes good desserts.

The Raspberry Panna Cotta was something else we also ordered. It’s like a milk pudding that tastes great. It is not like the milk pudding I had in taiwan; this is more “sticky”. Both has its merits!

In all, I felt that people should be going to Bakerzin more for it’s desserts rather than the main course. Their desserts are the main draw; eat the main courses if you’re lazy to find another restaurant.

And to end off this blog post, this is what Joyce wrote on the Panna Cotta plate. 🙂

Fish Head Curry

I went on a date to eat some Fish Head curry last Wednesday because I had a craving for it on the previous Sunday (which is coincidentally, Singapore Curry Day). You got to admit all those curry photographs they posted on Facebook were really good to look at. It seems that you cannot go wrong with curry in our little nation.

It had been a long time since I had fish head curry, so I wanted to enjoy myself eating it. I couldn’t forget the taste I had of the previous fish head curry that I ate, and I wanted to satisfy my craving. Joyce had went to google to find out the different places that we could go to eat Fish Head Curry, and this site recommends a place on Beach Road (see inserted map) called the Coral Village Bistro.

You cannot get lost, for after you exit from Nicole Highway mrt station, you take the overhead bridge where you can go over a main road, and that’s the road where you have to walk along to find the place. It isn’t exactly very accessible since the circle line isn’t used by many people still, so considering default main mrt lines, it is inaccessible. Ok skewed logic but then less people would find such an area if they didn’t explore around.

Here’s the Indonesia Fish Head Curry. It was good to satisfy the craving, and the fish is great too, but somehow it is just missing a little something. Joyce says a little more spiciness would be good. I guess so, and maybe a little more sour taste? I guess this isn’t exactly a great place, else it would have had more people. When we left, we were the only customers there, and not to mention that they do not accept credit card for bills lesser than $50. Who takes out $30+ for sure all the time?

There is a nice Korean shop that sells stuff from Korea opposite the concourse, and you can find many nice biscuits and packaged pastries there. 🙂

All in all a nice time exploring the place, and decent food was provided. What can I ask for more?

Everything with Fries

I went to Everything with Fries a few days ago on a Friday, just to try this restaurant out since a couple of my friends have already tried it, and it is supposedly good and cheap, so there I was at the Holland Village outlet.

A few things to say before I put up the photos of the food as well as my comments. The car park is a killer. It is very hard to find a car park slot on Friday in Holland Village, so be sure to have lots of time to spare if you are intending to park there. Once you exit from the car park, with the food center to the left, turn left and walk in all the way and you will see “Everything with Fries”.

Vanilla Milk Shake & Strawberry Milk Shake

The Vanilla Milk Shake is good. Personally I always pick the Vanilla Milk Shake whenever I see it in different restaurants, although I was also deciding whether to choose the Butterscotch one instead in Everything with Fries. My date chose the Strawberry Milk Shake and according to her it is a little too sweet, and that it is perfect when you mix one mouthful of the Strawberry Milk shake and one mouthful of the Vanilla Milk Shake. The milk shake damages about $4.90++.

Wild NZ King Salmon – Fries changed to Baby Caesar salad

The Wild NZ King Salmon is super delicious, in my opinion. This is what my date chose, which is why it’s filled with salad instead of fries; a healthier choice. The salmon literally melts in your mouth; it’s that soft. I would have wished I ordered that as well. Damage: $18.90++. Super awesome

Battered Fish Sandwich – Fries & Baby Caesar Salad

The Battered Fish Sandwich was so-so. Two mushroom slices with delicious cheese below the first bread, but the fish that is in the center isn’t that nice. I don’t feel shiok eating the battered fish, and in my opinion it pales in comparison with the ones in Manhattan Fish Market. Damage: $13.90.

The ambiance in Everything with Fries isn’t great. Voices bounce off the walls and it is just so noisy. It doesn’t feel like a good place to sit and chat for some time. In a way it just felt like a place where you eat and then leave. Haha. Guess I wouldn’t be coming here anytime soon unless it is some gathering, of which I would probably recommend somewhere else.

Food For Thought

Yesterday (or the day before, since I foresee myself posting this post after midnight), I went to this restaurant called Food For Thought which was situated along 8 Queen Street, just beside the Singapore Arts Museum. I provided the link right there in this paragraph. There is another branch at North Bridge Road and apparently they have separate menus for both locations.

Anyway what’s a post without photos (I’ve been trying to add more photos into my posts).

Calamari, prawn and salmon risotto

Shitake and mushroom risotto

Garlic Prawns with Coriander Linguine

Potato Gratin with Garlic Mushroom

There’s a missing photo of Chunky Sausage & Tomato Linguine though cause the person who took the photo didn’t upload it due to an oversight.

Anyway reviews! I ate the Garlic Prawn pasta, and I must say it wasn’t fantastic for the price. The linguine was a little hard but the taste was alright. The prawns were just so-so and didn’t impress. My friend said his linguine wasn’t good as well. The others mentioned that the Risotto was overpriced. Hence I guess it is not a good place to be?

Ambiance wise it is a nice place to chat. The table is those old school concrete slabs with square tiles. There are unique decorations all around the place. The waiters are reasonably attentive though since the place is small. But if you were looking to feel happy from your meal, this is not the place I would recommend.


There’s this Marche/Shokudo style Western restaurant at the Basement of Orchard Central. B2 if I am not wrong. We went there for the Delta gathering.

The concept goes like this: You get an RFID card for each individual and you use the card to “pay” for the items you ordered. You are then given an electronic device which beeps and vibrates when your food is ready. Then you bring that device along with your receipt to collect your food. This results in 0 service charge, which is good. At the end of the meal, you take the RFID card that contains the data on which items you ordered to do a real payout.

I ordered a roast beef at $15, and it is a little small in my opinion. It feels like fine dining to me, and it won’t make anyone full. The taste is great though. It is really medium as I ordered, and I enjoyed the beef very much. Much better than the stupid Blooies steak that cost like $40++.

So I got this waffle ice cream desset which I thought was rather expensive on hindsight. The waffles cost $6.50 and a single scoop of ice cream costs $3.30. For $9.80 I could probably get a waffle + 2 scoops of ice cream at Venezia?

They had this 1 for 1 beer promotion. I ordered an Erdinger. Somehow the taste didn’t make me happy. The beer from a bottle tastes very different from beer coming from a tap. I missed the tap based Erdinger that I had last year at the end of my DSTA internship. Perhaps beer is best drunk from a tap in a bar.

They are currently having this DBS/POSB card promotion, where all items other than the beer (since it is already effectively 50% off) is at 25% off. Hence I paid about $26 for my meal, which wasn’t too expensive. However if it were any more expensive I might have felt that it isn’t worth it.

I guess I prefer Shokudo more. I am ultimately a more Japanese style person, and I have some food that I like there. I kind of missed the ham and cheese omelette.

Sorry for the lack of photos. I should probably remember to utilize my iphone photos more.