Web Start Up: Learnemy.com

People who know me well would know that I used to be fascinated with all the techy techy stuff that people could do on the internet to help bridge people together in all sorts of interesting ways. Actually, I still am. I used to have a tuition site which links tutors and students together as a just-for-fun kind of project for my university holidays. Now that I pulled the plug on it, thinking back it does leave a little hole in my life. As I flipped the papers today, I noticed that an individual came up with this site called Learnemy which links people who want to teach certain skills to people who want to learn certain skills. The essence is quite similar to what I had in the past, just that mine was of a specific genre, tuition.

In addition, Learnemy has successes where I did not have. They integrated the monetizing aspect where they could take 20% of commission from any successful link. I didn’t have that, which is why mine was a project and not a business. And this is why I have all the more respect and admiration that someone went out of her way to do so much more, and I’m really impressed.

So far I have seen table tennis teachers, squash teachers, coding teachers etc and it really looks promising. I thought, I wouldn’t mind doing something like that again as a project when I have more time. At least, it’s a hobby that I could use to do self development. πŸ™‚ Β The site reminds me of those educational sites where university professors come to give free lessons. I used to take one of the lessons until I couldn’t keep up as I went overseas for a few weeks. Maybe one day I can teach something as well!

CPeel: Converting iTouch to iPhone

I bought the CPeel (casing can be seen above) from MobileConceptz, a shop opposite Bukit Gombak MRT. It costs $139 since I bought it directly. If you would so choose, you may buy it through their website but shipping costs an additional $8. Since Bukit Gombak wasn’t far away, I just went down on my own. There are two additional locations in Sim Lim and Funan where you can get the CPeel (check the address inside the website).

That is how it looks like inside the box. Obviously I had purchased the white version. The CPeel comes in black as well. The model number is the T166 for the iPod touch 2 and 3. There are other versions of the CPeel for iTouch 4, but I can’t be bothered since the iTouch 4 has a front facing camera. What is the point of using CPeel instead of an iPhone for the iTouch 4 is something that I cannot understand. If the nature of my work allowed for a camera handphone, I wouldn’t go through all the trouble.

As you can see the basic package comes with 2 batteries (you’ll need one of them to power the CPeel), an instructional manual (which only tells you how to insert your SIM card and battery) and the CPeel itself. There are no instructions on how to install the software. The website provided above provides a tutorial which is very confusing, hence I will just briefly go through the steps that I took, so in the future people who are attempting this might find it easier than I did.

How to configure your iPod Touch 2 (iTouch 2) to work with the CPeel T166:
1) You may update your iOS to the maximum possible which is 4.2.1 (that’s what I have. It seems like the other improved iOS is not supported by the iTouch2)
2) Jailbreak it using any method that you know of. What I did was to use greenpois0n. The software to download is listed on the right hand side under Jailbreak Firmware 4.2.1.
3) Go to Cydia, manage, settings, developer, search for “mobile substrate” and install
4) Go to Manage, click on Sources
5) Click Edit followed by Add
6) Add the URL: http://coming.hk/cydia
7) After it has been added, click the new source and install the software listed there. For me there is only one software so I just installed that.
8) It should then work. Press the on button for the CPeel, and then push your iTouch 2 into the CPeel. Do remember that you must not have any password settings for your SIM Card, else it would read as Invalid SIM.

That’s it. Hope future people who come to this page can get some good help from here. Feel free to leave comments and I will reply them ASAP. πŸ™‚

On Windows 7

After a damn long installation over a few hours, my laptop is now running Windows 7. Having used it for an hour or two, I think I should just comment on the system.

The reason why I wanted to jump to Windows 7 was because I was running on Vista, which is lagging my computer by quite a bit. Hence I only wanted to change the OS so it would run a little more smoother, hopefully. It seemed promising though. The start up time is faster than Vista, but the loading of Firefox is still slow, so I guess it’s Firefox’s problem.

There’s still a little lag here and there, but overall it feels much smoother than Vista, and I think I wouldn’t need to keep waiting to access my files. But I have only used it for a few hours, and I can’t really comment much since I’m only using Firefox, MSN as well as Visual Studio. But I kind of like the new taskbar and it seemed like it would bring me much convenience.

Anyway updates on school, it’s week 9 already. 5 more weeks to the dreaded examinations, meaning its only 4 more weeks before every single project MUST end, and I’m still coding my Graphical User Interface and trying things out. It has been a fun journey, however, learning Visual Basic from scratch and feeling the sense of satisfaction when it actually works right before your eyes. Another reason why I enjoy programming. You can actually see your end product and feel proud of it, even though it’s quite noobish.

I’m also like rushing through my essay for Engineering Professionalism. Trying to finish it within this day or the next and then it’ll be time to combine all of our parts and then start writing the introduction and the conclusion, and then it’s one good essay ready to hand in next week!

Haven’t really done much on EE2007’s Monopoly project, although I wrote more than 700 lines of Assembly code, mostly to draw the user interface. The actual game hasn’t been programmed yet, but some features I have tried writing already. That will be built more tomorrow in the lab session.

As for baby duck, I think we’re on the process of understanding each other better, like tempers and stuff, but I should really not lose my cool so easily. Must control. Something’s wrong with me occasionally. But overall it has been great. Really enjoy her company a lot.

Work is getting busy and I probably should concentrate and be more efficient. I shall decrease my already low activity on Facebook, and do more work everyday! Start becoming a more efficient person by setting out tasks I want to complete everyday and making sure I complete it.

Oh btw if anyone wants Windows 7, and you’re an NUS student in ECE (FoE) or SoC, then you’re eligible under the MSDNAA program to download free Windows 7 legally. For ECE students, we won’t be notified of it. Google MSDNAA, find the list of schools in Singapore under the program. Find our department and find the email of the person in charge and email him. He’ll give you an MSDNAA account under ECE. Then you’ll be able to download Windows 7. Just in case you didn’t know, x86 is 32bit, x64 is 64 bit. πŸ™‚

Sponsored Review: FAST easySafe

Data security is an important issue these days. As the world becomes more and more advanced, we find ourselves spending a greater amount of time on our computers. We use the computers for work, as well as for leisure, and some people use their computers to store some personal pictures (*sly smile*). No matter what you are going to use your computer for, there are sometimes you wish that you could add a layer of protection towards certain data.

But why should we need to add this layer of protection? I mean, in modern Operating Systems, the first level of lock is the User Accounts, and you have to type in the password to enter isn’t it? But what will happen if you are going off for a cup of coffee? The default answer, is that we can lock up our computers isn’t it? That way, you have to key in your password before you can unlock the computer.

That, to me, is a false sense of security. In a way, I apply the more-is-good policy. I mean, if I have sensitive data, I would want as much protection as possible, isn’t it? You may lock your doors and windows, but if you have a few thousand dollars in your home, you may consider getting a safe to put the money isn’t it? Hence, more security is beneficial. After all, we have to consider many what-ifs. What if someone managed to guess at the user account password? Someone may give you a trojan and the trojan may have keylogging functions. Hence, that is why easySafe makes much sense.

When you use easySafe, you have to provide two different items before the computer will unlock the virtual disc drive. I say virtual because it’s like having a D drive inside the C drive harddisc. To unlock the files, you need your own password, as well as the “key” which is actually a USB device that comes with easySafe. With the key plugged in to the USB port, and with the successful typing of the password, your virtual disc drive will then appear in the “My Computer” section. In a way, people will not know that you have those kind of photos even when they look at My Computer, and secondly, they need to know both your password and get your “key” to access all those photos. Unless you’re a celebrity, I say that it’s not worth the effort just to get you in those compromising shots.


Installation of easySafe, it seems, is very easy. Just plug in the key, type in the pin and you may create a virtual disc drive with a click. Just double click the disc drive in “My Computer” and you can drag and drop files into the virtual disc drive. For a video showing you all these, go to Tech65.

To me, easySafe seems to be a user friendly way of adding an extra protection around your sensitive data. You don’t have to be good with software or know how to program in C++ to be able to use this software.

The question boils down to this: Do you have certain files you wish to have more protection for? Apart from compromising photos, what about those MSN message logs that you have with your mistress friend? Or those Japanese pron files you downloaded from BitTorrent? Or just the new business plan you have that you fear your competitor may try to get? Whether legal or illegal, or morally right or wrong, an added level of protection is always better. Why not try easySafe?

easySafe can be purchased at the following places:

  1. E2000 shop at Funan #05-02.
  2. Tec-Drome Technology at Sim Lim Square #05-78 and #06-74.
  3. IMM Challenger L2-49.

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easySafe – Your unique key to security


FAST easySafe is the only hardware cryptography product available in the market with unique features. It protects all sensitive information in your computer, external hard disk, USB flash drive, SD card and etc.

Although the design is compliant to FIPS 140-2 standard with PKI technology, FAST easySafe, as its name implies, is rather easy to deploy and use as compared to other sophiscated security products that require dedicated IT specialists for deployment and maintenance.

Visit us at the Newstead Anniversary Roadshow this weekend.

Fast And Safe Technology Pte Ltd (FAST)
Venue : Funan ITMall Atrium
Time : 11am to 8pm
Date : 3rd to 6th April 2008

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Creating A Favicon

Do you have a favicon at your blog? What is a favicon? When you bookmark a page, a logo is always “attached” to the title of the page. That’s the favicon. Major sites like Youtube and Google have them, and I just added one for NextTutor too!

If you would like a favicon, you can check out this url.

A little thing to note though. This tutorial is for photoshop users. Non photoshop users can Google Favicon. You also need your own webspace because you have to upload a file up and link it from your website html code.

Windows Vista Disappearing System Icons Fix

I’ve been sick and tired of the volume, network and battery life icons disappearing from my taskbar when I start my computer. The volume may not be important as I mute my laptop constantly, but the network and battery life are very important icons that is critical to me.

Thus, I went to search and I goggled an answer out and this is the blog/website that gives workable instructions on how to get your icons back. The only thing is, its a temporary fix, not a permanent one.