Making cookies

I spent my afternoon today helping my sister bake some cookies. I didn’t do much, just help put flour in, put chips on the cookies and watch them become real cookies.


I put a K there which represents my name – Kenneth. Or K for Kuchiki. Or K in maKi. K is an important letter in the English Alphabet.


This is what it became after it was baked. The cookie became more spread out and so the K was spread out too. I made cookies with a smiley on it, as well as one with ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and one with :|. And I also made one with a ‘6’ on it, but it didn’t look that good after it expanded.


This is the mixture of flour, butter, chocolate chips, nuts and other stuff. Before it was baked you could smell a nice buttery smell already.


This are all the cookies that haven’t went into the oven yet.


This is the same tray after the cookies have been baked for 15 minutes.

We did two batches of two trays and ended up with 2 boxes of cookies.


And presenting… One of the box of cookies.

Somehow I find it interesting to be able to make stuff. Sometimes, maybe people don’t really need to go out to the movies or to the beach, but go to each other’s house to make something of their own? It’ll also be fun I think.

my family

And here’s another self drawn kiddy drawing on dreams. I think it is pretty obvious.

My boliao drawing

I was bored, so I took out my tablet board to draw. I wanted to draw my dreams, and make it a series of different blog post. This isn’t really my dream. Just that I thought it looked nice. But there’s only one part that’s part of my dreams. Can you guess what?


I know it’s a kiddish drawing, but that’s the limit of my artistic talents. I know if I want to I will be able to draw a much better piece after much effort, but I don’t see the point to. I think kiddish drawings have their own appeal. Haha.

And my friend Ko Ko draw this:

koko draw me and maki

Lol. I was going maki ga-ga for a few days. And it’s due to this photo which I’m like WOW.