Sponsored Post: Database of cars @ ST701

I’ve always been supportive of the idea to use technology to help in our daily lives, and one of such technologies that I support is to use databases on servers to store data. And I wished that more sites would upgrade themselves so that they can have databases and allow us users to search and skim through results that appeal to us. No more of wasting time scrolling past listings of “new cars” when I’m looking for a 2nd hand one, or listings of “motorcycles” when all I want is an MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle). Hence when I was asked to write about ST701, I was actually happy to discover for myself that they allow us to filter the results to show what we really want!


On the main page of the website, we are allowed to search through the database of either cars, motorcycles or commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicles are like vans and lorries, which I doubt many people will be buying unless they really need them. Note that this is a Singapore site, so they are selling Singapore cars. The results could be filtered more by either writing text, and the server will identify similar text results, as well as the price range, which I happen to think it is quite important. For the budget conscious buyer, which I will be, price is a very sensitive issue. I definitely do not want to go out of budget, and hence I do not need to see the other Singapore cars which are more luxurious and comes at a higher price.

They also allow us to select either Singapore new or used cars, as well as the type of cars, meaning MPVs, or SUVs, luxury, sedan e.t.c. Never mind if you do not know what they are, you can select “All types” and every type of car will come out.

If you scroll down, you’ll be able to browse the cars by make, meaning the brand. I was amazed to find not so popular or well known brands like Dong Feng and Skoda, which I only happen to recognize because I once worked in a survery company dealing with data for the car industry. Alternatively, you could browse by budget, ranging from less than 20,000 to more than 150,000.


In fact, if not for this site, I would have not known that people are selling cars for $9800. However it is a very old car, so it’s still “what you pay is what you get”. I guess, with this site, I can now dream of the first car I will own, which will be a rather budget conscious one, and will probably be a used car at that.

Other than browsing through database of cars, they have car reviews and motoring news which could be found at their Guides and Articles page.

They also allow you to sell your old cars over there! I see that there is a featured car’s section on the main page, so perhaps a little more money will place it on the front page? 🙂

I guess I shall leave it to interested people to browse through the site and use it to their advantage when they are purchasing cars. As I always believe, information is power, and only the guy with more information will get the best deal. Happy harvesting of information!