Exam Papers and Topical Questions?

Having been doing questions for a particular Tuition Agency in Singapore for the past few months since April, I have been asking myself this question: Why don’t I do my own questions and sell them online?

Thus this idea was born. I envision a time when people will check out my question sample online and then purchase a really cheap version, of which I will print at a printer’s and file it in a nice file before sending it over via post. To be competitive, make it cheap for people to buy them?

I have had plenty of ideas for this, including what to put in to make the quality better, and how to help the students better. It would be really cool to have your work published isn’t it? Even though its not published in a book form and sold via Popular.

Well I have to think about it. There are lots of ideas bouncing in my head right now, but not all may be feasible. The best thing I can do right now is for tuition since tuition is a vibrant industry which I have experience in. What else can you do? You can’t even mow grass! Haha.

So let me go and think about it before doing it. If I eventually do it, then lets hope that it sells.


Well, after a long long hiatus from working on my project (ever since May), I have done up quite a bit of modifications to the site, including weeding out bugs and incorrect links, as well as finalize the main index page of the site.

I would be looking forward to adding the tour pages, and then finalizing all things before giving it a launch on a brand new domain name. I would then start to actively market my website to people in the tuition industry. I guess I would be investing some money that I earned into Adwords to generate clicks and publicity.

Of course, I would need some money to do that isn’t it? Well I would then invest the money I earned from my current work into this project. =)

So wait till everything starts to work out and I will be needing everyone to do some word of mouth advertising. =) Thanks in advance.


After so much hard work, I’m just steps away from finishing up NextTutor. However there’s this nagging voice telling me not to finish it, that launching it will make me busy and maybe it won’t be profitable in the end. Suddenly I felt that I cannot handle this whole thing. What if plenty of problems arise? The bad voice echoing in my head.


Well, most of the parts (other than the tours are completed). You can check it out!

Updates on myself..

Been lazy recently, playing a game http://sim-taxi.freeonlinegames.com/. It was introduced to me by my girlfriend. Quite addicted to it after we spent some time playing together on my computer. =)

Well, an update on NextTutor, I have finished the framework on parents, tuition coordinators as well as the tutors. Now I am looking at things to improve my service. Any ideas? I am thinking if I should add an option to let people buy assessment books easily, or a archive of articles that can be found on the net about tuition. Have to do some research too!

Logo and Updates..

I was doing a logo for this tuition agency I’m working with called Inspire. So I came up with a 1st draft but I didn’t like it. So I edited it and came up with a 2nd draft. Please give me your comments huh? I sent it to my boss alr. =)

Inspire Logo

As for NextTutor updates, I started on the tutors part yesterday, so far these are the things I have finished.

  1. Registration Page
  2. Login Page
  3. Forgot Password Page
  4. Edit Profile Page
  5. Change Password Page
  6. Logout Page
  7. Check Username Availability Page

I still have some more to finish, after which I would begin to brainstorm on the possible features that I can add to enhance the user experience at NextTutor. But, before I can do that, I have to get the basics right first. =)