After 2 days of long hiatus from the project, I went back to work since yesterday to fine tune some parts of the site and make it look better, I’m now 90% done with the edit of students profiles page, sadly I can’t find out how come it just doesn’t update the new profile particulars. I have had problems with it for a long time and I just do not know how to solve it. Its quite depressing and I really hope for it to be solved asap so I can go on to program the tutors part. Yeah.

Well I do not know if I would be able to finish the whole project before I go into University, or whether I would even launch it or not. It all has to depend isn’t it? Yeah.


Well, I only have one more page to do for the whole of the parents section, before I begin to do up the tutors section. Sadly, this page is the one in which I do not understand how to do. I would need to learn more yeah?

Well, over the course of these few weeks I managed to achieve quite a bit of work, and I’m quite happy with it. I’m starting to read up on increasing traffic blahblah before I actually launch this whole project.. =)


Well today I managed to do up one whole big chunk of work, that is the index page.

It shows the entries that you have posted and classifies them into groups of 10. There is also a page system that automatically generate links for Next or Previous and one link for every page!

The whole process is tedious as I didn’t know how to make the data into an array so that I can display it correctly. No doubt people who do read my blog won’t be too bothered with it thus I won’t get too technical. =)

Well it has been a success and I look forward to finishing the parents part of NextTutor. =)

Next up, the search and edit pages! =)

Project Update

I’ve completed pview.php which is a page where you can view the student profiles that have been written to the database, as well as get information on who to contact. Haha.

I’m currently doing the main parents page. This is the page you will see when you login, and since its the main page, it will definately have a slight overview on what is happening. It will include a summary on the account. Well I definately got to improve on the design too. =)

Tomorrow I would be continuing this main parents page, and after this I will go and write the search page to seach for the entries. =)

My progress so far..

Well, these few days I made quite a bit of progress.

I have done up the add student script. I can finally add everything correctly, including the date posted, the arrays are also imploded into the correct style. I have also done up the delete entry script.

What I am doing now is to make a view student profile script that will show the details of the student as well as contact details of the poster.

The debugging part is driving me crazy especially all the SQL errors.

I have learnt that you cannot have any entry with a space? I don’t know why. (in sql). Perhaps my table settings are wrong.

And if you set the column to be unique, you cannot have the same entry twice in that column. I went through the hard way to learn that. Haha.

Well, all the best and work hard.

Problems are all cleared..

Wow. My problems are all solved today morning. I am so happy! =)

All the SQL problems are solved, and my Edit Profile Page is done already. When you click on edit profile, the form appears with all the default values that you have in the database. After that, you will enter new information to change the values. Then the PHP script will update the database! Haha. =)

I’m doing the add students profile page now, where you add students profile such as name, educational level, subjects blabla so that people can search! =)

Hopefully it all turns out well.

Set Cookie

Well, I had a bad experience with my setting of cookies. There seemed to be a problem which doesn’t work. In the end, its just a simple problem. When I set cookie, I set it as, but when i access the site i accessed it as Which means the cookie won’t be set as its incorrect url. To change it, I changed my set cookie parameter to, and it has since solved my problem.

Now I’m facing a SQL problem. The data will not come out. Will there be an error when passing an @ through SQL? Its really weird as the login script works. (Username is an email address ma).