CPeel: Converting iTouch to iPhone

I bought the CPeel (casing can be seen above) from MobileConceptz, a shop opposite Bukit Gombak MRT. It costs $139 since I bought it directly. If you would so choose, you may buy it through their website but shipping costs an additional $8. Since Bukit Gombak wasn’t far away, I just went down on my own. There are two additional locations in Sim Lim and Funan where you can get the CPeel (check the address inside the website).

That is how it looks like inside the box. Obviously I had purchased the white version. The CPeel comes in black as well. The model number is the T166 for the iPod touch 2 and 3. There are other versions of the CPeel for iTouch 4, but I can’t be bothered since the iTouch 4 has a front facing camera. What is the point of using CPeel instead of an iPhone for the iTouch 4 is something that I cannot understand. If the nature of my work allowed for a camera handphone, I wouldn’t go through all the trouble.

As you can see the basic package comes with 2 batteries (you’ll need one of them to power the CPeel), an instructional manual (which only tells you how to insert your SIM card and battery) and the CPeel itself. There are no instructions on how to install the software. The website provided above provides a tutorial which is very confusing, hence I will just briefly go through the steps that I took, so in the future people who are attempting this might find it easier than I did.

How to configure your iPod Touch 2 (iTouch 2) to work with the CPeel T166:
1) You may update your iOS to the maximum possible which is 4.2.1 (that’s what I have. It seems like the other improved iOS is not supported by the iTouch2)
2) Jailbreak it using any method that you know of. What I did was to use greenpois0n. The software to download is listed on the right hand side under Jailbreak Firmware 4.2.1.
3) Go to Cydia, manage, settings, developer, search for “mobile substrate” and install
4) Go to Manage, click on Sources
5) Click Edit followed by Add
6) Add the URL: http://coming.hk/cydia
7) After it has been added, click the new source and install the software listed there. For me there is only one software so I just installed that.
8) It should then work. Press the on button for the CPeel, and then push your iTouch 2 into the CPeel. Do remember that you must not have any password settings for your SIM Card, else it would read as Invalid SIM.

That’s it. Hope future people who come to this page can get some good help from here. Feel free to leave comments and I will reply them ASAP. 🙂

Google’s Image Search

Finally the time has come where you can search for similar images on the internet. Just paste the url of the image, or upload an image from your computer to images.google.com, and google will do the searching for you.

I am always amazed at how someone could just code something like this out, considering each image is a collection of pixels with 3 values, red, green and blue. In a way, this is an exciting new beginning. Probably in the near future, searching a person’s face would net you his personal details like his name, facebook account and even his LinkedIn profile. This would go into improving robots capabilities.

Imagine a day you stand before a robotic personnel at Starbucks. Through the use of such technology, the robot recognizes who you are as a person. He knows your name, and your coffee purchase history (from your previous visits). He is then able to offer you suggestions on a new drink of a similar style, or even offer you some discounts since you have drank Starbucks consistently over the past 5 days. This day could come sooner than we imagine.

However at this moment in time, the image search capabilities are rather mild. I tested it using a photo I had taken of two people standing on green grass. The results returned were other people on green grass. I suppose they can only recognize the grass aspect and not photos of the same human beings.

That said, have you all realized that Facebook would automatically group faces in new photos together, so you only need to confirm the person’s name once and all subsequent photos of him are labelled at the same time? Technology is indeed amazing and I feel that I can’t catch up. I wonder where all these smart people come from; somehow, I know they are not from Singapore. Which is why I would agree that we do not have talents here.