My Sydney Trip – Airplane

I went on a holiday to Sydney from the 8th December 2009 to 13th December 2009, a total of 6 days. Actually the holiday only lasted about 4.5 days since the first day was a flight on SQ221, an A380 plane, at after 2000 hours. On the last day, at 5pm Sydney time (2pm Singapore time), I flew back on SQ222, another A380 plane.

The first day, my family and I took a taxi down to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for our long anticipated holiday. This holiday was much awaited because I was thinking about it in the middle of my examinations. We went to have Ya Kun Kaya Toast for a snack, and I had half boiled eggs with coffee. Soon we walked about in Terminal 3 before meeting up with the tour leader to check in our luggage.

We then proceeded into the customs area, where we went to walk around and I ended up buying a pair of Pedro shoes because it was GST free. Anyway, the A380 plane was a nice experience. I can’t see much difference in the seat size since I don’t travel often, and the changes are pretty minimal anyway, but it is big enough for me and my feet can stretch all the way to the front and just nice touch the metal part of the seat in front. I think this is probably one of the plus points?

The screen size on all Singapore Airlines flight has also been upgraded and it is a joy to watch movies on the trip. I only got to watch two movies because somehow for that flight, triggering the games causes the entertainment system to hang. I watched Gokusen The Movie as well as G Force. The plane is also decorated with the Christmas theme.

Anyway the food on the plane was good, Chicken with Potatoes and ice cream for dessert. It’s a cone, and not Haagan Daaz that I had when I was in secondary 2 on the way back from Japan. Nonetheless it was a great meal. After that there was also breakfast in the form of muffin and pastries.

This concludes the airplane journey down to Sydney. I will be posting some photos for the rest of the journey, and am now in the middle of uploading photos to Facebook. So check out my facebook page to see the photos. 🙂